11 Recommendations Or Tips For Your Next Wild Camp

There is a difference between Wild camping and camping in places prepared for such-campgrounds, which offer excellent infrastructure for campers. In the wild camp seating can be hard to reach, isolated, without infrastructure but more in contact with nature. This kind of camp must take all equipment.

  1. Tell someone where you will be camping. Give a friend your itinerary in case of an emergency.
  2. Learn first aid. Once again, be prepared for emergency situations.
  3. Gather all the wood you need for the night and put it in a pile. Thus, during the night, you don’t have to be looking for firewood to keep that delicious bonfire accesses.
  4. Leave no trace behind. Not only must collect the garbage, but help the environment by collecting other trash that can be there.
  5. Check your shoes before placing. You never know what may be creeping in there.
  6. Lightweight dehydrated food. Instant rice, dried fruit, and a mix of “snacks” are your best friends.
  7. Always take an extra roll of toilet paper. Leaves are not the best alternative.
  8. Take a flashlight head. Will be no need to occupy one hand carrying a flashlight or light during night.
  9. Take a multi-purpose knife. There is no better friend to the various tasks that exist in a camp.
  10. Do not leave loose food in your tent, use a box for the Save. You won’t want to go back and see some “animaleco” gossiping in their things.
  11. Avoid low points for your tent. Choose a location for your tent you don’t run the risk of flooding if rain.