16 Inspirations of Looks to Use Long Necklaces

After a long period of sovereignty of chokers and necklaces. Easy, they are not threatened. 😛 But somehow share space with long collars–I’m sure you have some out there, huh? How about use it with more flowers productions? To inspire you, we brought ideas from looks pretty cool terminated with this type of paste. Come on?

16 Inspirations of Looks to Use Long Necklaces 2

Dark pants+blouse more loosey-goosey=look perfect for use with a long necklace! Here, he comes to complement, bringing a more elegant for the combination, especially when the pieces are of a solid color, like the first look and the last, all black. Gorgeous!

With a third piece, which can be, for example, a jacket, vest or kimono (there’s one on the photo that opens the post, did you notice?), the necklace is very interesting. Take the opportunity to put your jeans destroyed to play and work in a cool shoe.

16 Inspirations of Looks to Use Long Necklaces 1

Love the looks showed at Barblejewelry with stylish necklace! They could be mega simple were it not for the necklaces, huh? Shorts+t-shirt practically saved our lives in these times of too much heat and, with a collar, safe production until an occasion not so relaxed. What do you think?

And I couldn’t leave out the inspirations with skirts and dresses: the gallery upstairs, we have more classic looks, with pieces of tailoring and striped tank top, girlie, with pleated skirt and hat, boho rosé, with long kimono and tall boots, and even a look Middle Kardashian, with pasted dress (which appeared on the blog these days).

16 Inspirations of Looks to Use Long Necklaces 3

Which of these ways as varied is your favorite?! And there, will take the long necklaces? Tell us in the comments!