Ultrasound Scan In Pregnancy

By | March 7, 2016


  • Ultrasound scan offered to all pregnant women in Denmark (see Songaah.com for lyric) is routinely associated with nuchal translucency scan in 11.-14. week and in relation with the scanning of 18.-20. week
  • The studies are offered in order to diagnose chromosomal diseases, malformations or other conditions which may affect the further course
  • Ultrasound consists of high-frequency sound waves, and there are no described some complications or side effects by method


What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is sound waves are sent into the body through a lydhoved (probe). The sound waves have so high frequency, that they cannot be picked up by the human ear. When the sound waves encounter the tissue in the body, there is an echo. The echo makes that sound waves are sent back to lydhovedet, which picks up audio signals. After computer processing transforms the returned audio signals to a vibrant black and white image on a screen.


Different types of tissues in the body have different echo density. The audio signals (it’s echoes), returned to lydhovedet, will therefore vary depending on which organs or tissue types ultralyden encounter. For example, it allows bone and fat tissues different echo or sound signals. The various tissues and organs can therefore usually be separated from each other on the images, as interpreted, while ultrasound examination takes place.


Ultrasound has in contrast to x-ray the advantage that the images also can produce the body’s soft organs (e.g. liver and kidneys). Air-filled organs like the lungs and intestine can be seen on the other hand, not so good on images.


Ultrasound scan of the pregnant uterus

Ultrasound of the pregnant uterus provides reliable information about the fetus and can detect complications in pregnancy. The pregnant uterus is ideal for ultrasound examination, because the amniotic fluid in the uterus cavity provides excellent conditions for propagation of sound waves for the fetus and placenta. Harmful effects of ultrasound on fetus is so far not demonstrated. The value of ultrasonic examination depends on how much experience the person who carries out the investigation.


The person doing the investigation, assesses the fetus, placenta and amnion.

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