6 Marks Which Backed the Swimsuit for This Carnival

I know, I’ve been talking so much about Carnival here. The truth is that when we come to live off, be away from those brasilidades leaves a hole in our soul and we miss things you never even knew you loved so much, so imagine the longing for things that we are crazy of love made Carnival. Is rifle hole.

Well, the truth is that I was happy to walk walking by my time line of Urges and see so many cool brands engaged with the Carnival theme. Even cooler? Making mini collections for revelry that can very well be used all summer and every summer. Or, since we’re talking about Brazil, during all days of heat throughout the year.

Now if you had a piece that reigned in all these powerful Carnival collections, no doubt, was the bathing suit. Yes, some will say it’s body. I’ll even call in a bathing suit and I tell you the reason. The body, to me, I assume you will put a bottom on top. The bathing suit No. He is whole, complete look himself. You don’t need short, doesn’t need anything. And in times of global warming and consequent summers of sweltering heat, let’s combine: there is no better option for fun, huh?

The best? Past Carnival, the swimsuit has stomping grounds in looks from day to day. Just use as body (Yes), with skirt/shorts/jeans/trousers/anything over the bathing suit new and multiple guys WINS. Can use without anything on top and go to the beach (look how innovative!).

Thinking about it, I grabbed my favorite swimsuits of this Carnival season and decided to make this post here to share them with you. Also I will enjoy with you on vintagewill.com.

The creativity of the Two Design begins in prints, decoration and goes to the clothes. Mardi Gras had no how to be different: the mark took advantage of the season’s revelry to create amazing pieces and full of joy. My Favorites? The swimsuits of sequins. They have a super comfortable format, with the bottom more larguinha, almost like a little onesy. Beautiful and pure brightness.

The Cali Store has a good humor that is the face of Carnival. I love the swimsuits, all with a footprint half years 90/Bay watch. You can use alone, as the Lady of the pictures down here or with a short shorts over, is a grace.

Easy, free and loose, that’s how the own Manacá described on the site. And I couldn’t agree more. That delicious mark! I keep seeing the lookbook of them and love every new detail that I can find. They also entered with all the wave of swimsuits and is one more beautiful than the other.

The Beautiful Life (which I love!) also made your collection of bodies/swimsuits ranging from Beach pro pad with the greatest of ease. This one shoulder is just pure beauty.

You also entered the sereismo wave? Then take a look at this Youcom’s swimsuit with seashells and that Tryia blue for Netshoes.Pure Sereismo.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips. I’m here already dealing with my mild depression-pre-Carnaval-far-from-Brazil, but doing that, right? So enjoy!

And if you know of other brands that so with swimsuits lindoo to revelry? Then let us know here in the comments too!