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The Significance of the Monthly Stone for November

What's the point behind November's beautiful gemstone, the topaz? Discover the meaning and history behind this enticing gem. At eZine Sports, we have many beautiful and eye-catching jewelry with topaz gemstone. Radiate at miles away with the natural beauty of the topaz.


THE STORY OF THE MONTH STONE FOR NOVEMBERIt is a very hard and durable rock and is found in volcanic rocks. Most topazes are extracted in Brazil but are also found in India, Australia, Mexico, Russia, the United States and Germany. A completely pure topaz is colorless but can be colored by impurities and then it can be colored to any color. A precious topaz color varies between brown, orange and yellow. It is widely used as a ground gemstone due to its hardness and transparency. Topaz is the gemstone of the US state of Utah and should be treated with greater care than other minerals.A SYMBOL FOR LOVE


Celebrate your November birthday by wearing jewelry with the November moonstone topaz, to match your month of birth! Ring with Initial and Moonstone in our collection of monthly stone rings can be worn with or without other rings. The slim design makes it perfect for use as a layer upon layer of jewelry which will create a balanced, clear and sweet look. It can e.g. matched with our Stackable name ring with monthly stone. It can be stacked with up to four rings with your loved ones' names or significant words. However you choose to wear these rings, the topaz gemstone will make you shine with beauty.


IT SIGNIFIES CLARITYExplore our Moonstone Necklace collection. Silver and Swarovski Crystal Name Necklaces are the perfect way to make your personality shine by personalizing it with your name and moonstone. Personalized Stick in Sterling Silver with the Swarovski Chest is a necklace that has room for five charms with the names of those closest to you and their monthly stones! These jewelry show off the November moonstone topaz in an adorable way.THE MEANING BEHIND NOVEMBER'S MONTH STONE


The topaz is derived from the Greek word 'topazion' which means fire. Ancient Egyptians believed that the yellow color came from Ra, the sun god. This magnificent gemstone is believed to have mysterious powers. The people of ancient Greece believed that the stone gave them strength. Renaissance Europeans believed that it could break spells and counteract anger. In India it was thought that if you wore topazes above your heart you became more intelligent, had a longer life, beauty and others thought that if you wore it on your left arm it would protect you from black magic.

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