Apple MacBook Air 2014: Test of the Noble Ultrabooks

Test conclusion: what you should know

MacBookk air in the test was no better and no worse than its predecessor. Because the higher speed comes at the expense of battery life. For those who have already a MacBook Air is therefore: 2013 it is even. Customers who but are flirting with the acquisition of the noble Ultrabooks, can strike now and save even 100 euros. Order this product at Amazon Pro high pace of work impeccable processing light weight large software package series against some short battery life a few connections test note of the editorial 2.48 good users rating now to review Apple has updated the MacBook Air family. But a retina model isn’t there yet. All models operate from now on in the smallest configuration with an Intel Core i5 processor with 1.4 gigahertz. Gratifying: The entire product range in the price is around 100 euro dropped the entry model with an eleven inch is now already for 899 euros. And just now in the test show what it can.

no external modifications

Outwardly, nothing has changed at the ultra light laptops. The MacBook Air comes before after in a noble as well as warp-resistant housing. Details like these are what dominated the sum none as Apple: large gap, sharp edges or about inaccurate glued display? There’s no as in its predecessor! And you can fold the screen of the 2014 MacBook Air with one hand, without that the whole floor pan with keyboard and touchpad hangs in the height.

Apple MacBook Air 2014: product and detail photos

No retina display

Many potential buyers are likely to be disappointed but: still a high-resolution retina display is missing the MacBook Air. WWDC early June 2014 is not again an updated MacBook Air to be expected. A fresh design, new connections, or even a better display is thus once distant rumor large retreading comes only at the end 2014th

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Stronger drive

The most important change is under the hood. Because the new Apple MacBook Air Gets a new impulse: the tested Starter model an Intel processor core i5-4260U, which in normal operation (1.4 GHz) with Turbo mode (2.7 GHz) exactly 100 megahertz faster cycles than the core i5 4250U. housed in the predecessor fired now

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Pace of work up, battery life down

So the air in the test reached a higher work rate if only marginal. Hook: The stronger processor pushes on the battery life. In the test the screen remained black 24 minutes earlier than the MacBook Air from the year 2013 (measurement with application mix) after two hours and 53 minutes consisting of from work, surfing, video playback, editing and playing in Windows 8.

video: the new MacBook Air

€100 cheaper, more power: the MacBook Air 2014 differs outwardly almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. How is the inner values? Unboxing: The Apple MacBook Air 2014

Facilities not slimmed down

Good for this: the tested 11.6 inches (29.5 cm) is with 899 euro just 100 euros cheaper, the facilities but identical. And how at the 2013 air there is the photo and video editing iLife and iWork free Office package to.

Conclusion: MacBook Air 2014

MacBook Air in the test was not better and not worse than the predecessor because is the higher speed at the expense of battery life. Applies to all who have already a MacBook Air, therefore: 2013 it is even. Customers who but are flirting with the acquisition of the noble Ultrabooks, can strike now and save even $100.