BlackBerry Messenger and Your Jump to Android Do More Better Afternoon Than Ever?

The saying, which better late than never, but sometimes much wait, the illusion is lost. The most romantic do not believe so and it is that if you really love something, no matter the time that takes. Aside from such debates, the truth is that BlackBerry Messenger and its output on Android are the perfect example of this case.

Now, knowing that the application is just around the corner, let’s review a little where is BlackBerry Messenger right now and what offers as a tool of messaging with its main competitors. Was the wait well worth? We’ll see if it’s true or not.

BlackBerry Messenger, be a service closed to the need to open

A few years ago, things were going very well for BlackBerry. They had a good operating system that developed in a reference in the business world. This earned him not only a lot of contracts and agreements, but also acceptance, and later, romance by these workers.

They believe even a stereotype, of the Executive stuck to your BlackBerry. Always connected, reading the mail and still productive due to the small physical QWERTY keyboard that worked as well, and continues to do so in Q10. Those were other times and although it was not a laptop it solved many steps to perfection.

BlackBerry would wind aft and had a great ally: its messaging service. BlackBerry Messenger, a tool where all that network, growing, devices could chat, share files and even make calls of voice in version 7.0

In fact, if we compare it with some of the applications of messaging today use we see that despite the years he had many options: verification of receipt of messages, send files to several people, voice, agenda and unlimited length calls.

However, the landscape was changing: iPhone was gaining territory in the professional environment and such an Android, in the form of a lot of phones, came to the general public. Meanwhile, BlackBerry was a bastion of executives… and young public, which saw mobiles of physical keyboard a great writing, better than the virtual keyboard way.

In fact, it was common to see social media as they shared their codes of BBM, the way in which are recorded and identify these devices. They could even be create QRs to put them on business cards and add new people more quickly. That all changed.

It was slowly losing popularity everywhere, even among its most recent public: adolescents. They were migrating to other platforms, so let us scenarios like this in Spain, where the market share of Android is simple and simply overwhelming.

This made it the BlackBerry reflect, released a new operating system in 2013 and also four terminals. A renovation necessary, and except for a small catalog of applications quite successful in my opinion. However, what I went with one of their most popular products?

What was the future of BlackBerry Messenger to this change of scenery? The logical thing was to think that sooner or later they would have to open: WhatsApp started long ago to take their role as free messaging tool. Staying closed, before the flight of so many users, it seemed not good idea.

Time passed and BlackBerry was updating its application, allowing video in VoIP calls, notably improving the management of groups… In short, perfecting your tool of messaging, but only for your group. At the end, they had to reconsider removing the application For more platforms.

The truth is that since the saying, its announcement, the fact, its launch, has been a long time and they have to hurry up to the maximum. It is also true that they can be cannot be accused of liars, they said that they would arrive in the summer and thus will be, but at the last minute. Tomorrow, September 21.

It is then when we can assess if adaptation is good. It seems that she is clear, at this point, it is that they arrive late to the appointment. There will be those who desempolven your BlackBerry Messenger account, as looking photos of when he was young. For others it will be a good opportunity to chat with whom you will still continue to use BlackBerry Messenger.

What is clear is that with Whatsapp in messaging, it seems impossible to recover the throne. Nor was Leo Messi, as did WeChat, or betting strong on advertising and features extras, as it is doing Line. Time will tell, but the future of the company, with a cut of 40 per cent to the fall template looks black, black.