Broccoli to Be Young, Cufflinks and Cocoa Nibs

As every week, let’s see what brother of HowStuffWorks Mexico happening on our blog. This week, in the best of HowStuffWorks Mexico Since the importance of meditating until “cocoa nibs”, another way to eat chocolate:

  • Is broccoli the fountain of youth? Looks like Yes: a study points to as one of the foods as broccoli You can help slow the signs of aging. Although it is not a study which ensures that taking broccoli delays aging, it is a way to further investigate and think that broccoli should be frequent in our diet food.
  • Full body dumbbell routine: If you have a pair of dumbbells at home, can work the whole body strength. This article give you different ideas routines to work the entire body with dumbbells. Very helpful if some day we can not go to the gym or if, simply, we go from gym and want to muscle home.
  • Meditate regularly can be more effective than a holiday: in this world of stress and rush, it seems that if we take a moment with frequency to meditate, our health appreciate it we. It makes sense, since meditation is like giving a small vacation to our brain. So you know, seek a time daily to do your meditation .
  • “Cocoa nibs”, the healthier way of eating chocolate: the cacao nibs are fermented, roasted and dried cocoa seeds, no added sugar. It is as pure and healthy version of cocoa, so is getting fashionable add it to smoothies and desserts. Here it seems to me that they are little extended, but… time to time.
  • National healthy Lunch Day: November 15 will be held in us the day of healthy Lunch, with the idea of raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating. To what extent of uncontrolled food has been reached, that there is that claim in an entire day the need to choose foods from one of the main meals.