Colored Trousers: Learn How to Use and Not to Err

Great option for all women, the colorful pants have been gaining fans and leaving the look more cheerful and jovial

The color pant is a great alternative when you want to give a different look to any look.The color helps to modernize and leave the traditional pants more jovial.Depending on the color, you can put on a more relaxed look or a more sophisticated look.

The piece appears in the 80’s, however, only women used it, according to personal and business image consultant Maria Valentina Ferreira.”In 1990 they became more popular, being used by men and women.”

For a while, the colored trousers were forgotten, even getting the label of grumpy.”From 2010 came back with more force, on the catwalks and in the streets”, completes Maria Valentina.

Today, colored pants are a key piece in every women’s wardrobe, regardless of age.”Every day more fashion has become democratic, so combining colored pants depends more on personal style than rules,” says image and fashion consultant Karla Alves.

How to Wear Colored Pants

Quite democratic, colorful pants are easy to match, however, some care needs to be taken.”When wearing colored pants, it is the main focus of the look.All other items of his production should be more discreet, not to fall into exaggeration, “warns Maria Valentina.

“For the more classic the ideal is to combine them with neutral colors, such as white, black, nude, gray and earthy tones.Already for more funky combining them with embossed pieces give a modern and creative air.Wearing them with jeans is also a great option, “is Karla’s suggestion.

Another orientation given by Maria Valentina is for women who prefer to be more discreet, choose pants with more neutral colors, such as pastels: mint green, blue and baby pink, yellow and orange lighter.”The pants in these colors are perfect for more feminine and romantic looks,” he says.

Suggestions for looks

Three looks were created as advised by the consultants.For the look 1, the colored pants are in the burgundy color, the traditional new wine, which goes well for both winter and summer.For the look to be at the same time cheerful and discreet, complete with a more discreet blouse in beige, nude or off-white, shoe and purse also in nude and a more colorful earring to cast off.If you want, it pays to add a jacket or jeans shirt .


The second look is ideal for more formal occasions, such as the work environment.Bet on more discreet colors, like oil, for the pants.Use thinner pieces such as silk blouse and heeled shoes.To make the look less laden, complete with a belt.


To create a more youthful look, invest in strong colors such as klein blue, pink and orange.Use less informal pieces to give a modernized look.Sweatpants and boots come as good choices.


How to combine the pieces?

Some tips that the consultants spent to never miss when it comes to wearing colorful pants:

  • In semi-casual work environments, use the dark colored colored pants, complementing them with neutral t-shirts.The blazer can also be a suggestion to formalize the look.”If you dress so that credibility, discretion and receptivity are present, through clothing,” Maria Valentina points out;
  • When the work environment is more casual, you can wear pants with more vibrant colors.Complement with a shirt or shirt in neutral colors, to give an air of seriousness to the look;
  • Do not wear colored pants for more formal work environments.”The professionals of these environments, even though they have a touch of receptivity, they should pass on their customers and the people who maintains an image of more seriousness, trust and credibility and the colored pants is not the best option”, explains Maria Valentina;
  • For formal occasions such as wedding, cocktail party and commemorative dinner, based on BERWICKFASHION.COM, you can wear colorful trousers, provided with more noble fabrics and more sophisticated modeling, such as a tailored trousers with a heavy Chanel crepe (fabric).

Types of colored pants

Today in the market there are a variety of models and fabrics of colored pants.As for the main fabrics, Maria Valentina indicates that they are jeans, resin, leather, twill, knit, silk and tailoring.”As for the modeling, the highlights are the cut skinny, flare, cropped and legging,” he says.

As for the more popular, both consultants agree that the skinny is preferred.”In my opinion, the most used colored pants are jeans in skinny modeling,” says Maria Valentina.”The national passion is still the skinny pants, which models the body full of curves of the Brazilian woman,” Karla confirms.

Where to buy colored pants?

The following are some colorful pants options to get and quit using.

What is the ideal color pant model for me?

“All women can wear colored trousers, as long as they match their personal style and body type,” says Maria Valentina about the play being democratic.For Karla, the tip is to balance the proportions.”For those who have the thickest legs and want to stretch the silhouette, opt for straight-legged pants and stronger, darker colors.Already because the legs have thinner flare pants and lighter colors will model this biotype, “he details.

Maria Valentina adds other tips.Older women should avoid very fair, wide models or pantaloons, as these models increase curves even more.”The waistband should be on the waist,” he says.The small ones should choose pants that are thinner and with the length up to the heel, using jump whenever possible.”Another style trick for the little girls looking taller is wearing monocratic looks or shoes the same color as the pants,” adds the consultant.

The tips also extend to skinny women.”Those who have the inverted physical triangle type can abuse colored trousers in more vibrant tones,” suggests Maria Valentina.The orientation for all women is always to take into consideration the color that favors the tone of your skin.”Those who have the brunette hair can use and abuse strong colored pieces.Women who have very clear skin should avoid very light and dull colors, “he says.

More tips for not making mistakes

  1. The shoes can be neutral or colored, depending on the style of the woman, as Karla explains;
  2. “The women’s sneakers, sneakers, slippers, when worn with cropped or skinny pants, form a more stripped-down look,” Maria Valentina reiterates;
  3. Do not wear colored pants with riding boots;
  4. The colored trousers are strong allies to mount looks in color blocking.”The mix of colors should talk to each other and even colors belonging to different families should be harmonious together,” recommends Maria Valentina;
  5. Winter colors: are the most closed and dark, such as red, wine, purple, military green, marine;
  6. Summer colors: are stronger and cheerful, like yellow, orange, guava, pink.

Bloggers who are addicted to colorful pants

Check below a selection of images with ideas for you to dress with colored pants, using the looks of national and international bloggers as a reference.