Final Fantasy XIII Will Come to Android Next September 26

It has always been my top favourite Final Fantasy 3, the fifth installment (the penultimate for Super Nintendo and remakeada on several occasions) in the most popular series of Square-Enix prepares his debut for Android and company leave us your date of release on Twitter: September 26.

In this way, Final Fantasy V It joins other so many Square-Enix games on Android. It is a remake, with improved graphics, but in 2D, this time do not have 3D as happened with Final Fantasy III. A good opportunity to enjoy a great role playing game but with a great snag also.

What’s the matter? The price. Square-Enix has confirmed, through a Japanese magazine, that the price of output in Japan will be of 1800 Yen, that change in euros are 14 euros, possibly rounded up to 15. The launch, that Yes, it will be international but say the Japanese currency as a reference.

Again, a jug of water cold already that with such price many will throw back before you buy it. It’s worth it or not is another question, personally I think an excellent role-playing game although the mobile does not seem the best platform to take hours and hours.

In any case, since on September 26 it will be available in Google Play. The truth is that if they maintain the expensive price is because the reception that is taking is good, but it could be higher with a turnover something tighter, there is an intermediate point between charge 15 euros and a free to play where sometimes such microtransaction ends up being tedious.