Fly Fishing Bait

This type of historical catch enters the sports part of the activity and bait is an imitation of some insects on which fish feed, being used mostly in rivers and lakes.

In sport fishing there are several ways, including specialty is fly, which has a fairly extensive history over the years and today is a method widely used by lovers of activity.

Basically this type of catch is to catch prey with a rod and artificial lure that is known as fly or rat tail. The name derives from their similar to an insect, although the reason why not use these small naturally is because once dead lose color and wings. That takes them attractive prey of aquatic animals.

Fly fishing usually takes place in rivers, lakes and lagoons, but can also be carried out at sea. Species that are achieved mostly by this method are: Trout, salmon, carp, smelt, Dorado and Tararira, among others.


The history of this technique has different versions, but all show that it is something very old in the activity. The earliest writings found are about 2000 years BC eastern fishing mentioning this, also in Macedonia eighteen centuries later a record appears.

Nearer in time, the thirteenth century onwards are more data on the use of artificial fly as bait. The first country was Germany, then Britain and finally Spain in a manuscript published in 1624 by Juan de Bergara.

This type of fishing requires a certain technique and the use of necessary elements to be effective. The first is to have a reed that is flexible and lightweight, easy to maneuver and ideal for throwing the line at the desired distance. Also important is the artificial lure with the appearance of any bug that could feed the fish. Overall this mode is similar to a rod with bait and natural bait is used.


As for the technique must first move the rod back to gain momentum and then throw the water line trying to find an ideal distance depending on the chosen fishing area. Fly capture requires some skill, because there are species that are not easy to catch, for it is known to this method as “intellectual” or “fishing gear“.

Many of the people who choose the activity in this way, also decide to return the species to the water to continue living, seeking the preservation thereof. In fact as in any type of fishing there are certain regulations depending on the region.


Fly fishing is one of the variants of the sports side, being very interesting from their jobs and also by the amount of historical records showing their existence.