HP Pavilion X 360: Test of the Wacky Notebook

Easy fold up and make enough no longer: a Windows laptop in the flood of tablets and big Smartphones should perish not singing – and quietly, creativity is in demand. The manufacturer must so what come up and bring original models to low prices on the market. Like HP with the Pavilion X 360 a clever notebook for modest 399 euro offers.

HP Pavilion X 360: product and detail photos

10 images HP Pavilion X 360 viewing outside red, inside aluminum

The bright red casing ensures Visual oomph, no other option was available at the time of the test. Front of the notebook folded up, eyes calm down again, because keyboard and touchpad are enclosed in an elegant aluminium plate. The processing is good, a robust mechanism can fold the screen as with the Lenovo Yoga 2 on the bottom. So the Pavilion serves either as a notebook or tablet.

Stripped innards

Versatility non lacking the HP so but unfortunately lack of performance. Inside, an entry-level processor from Intel’s Celeron series strives, a hard drive with 466 GB capacity instead of a snappy SSD serves as storage. And you notice that after switching on: long 30 seconds elapse until the notebook is ready to go. The pace enough although Fürs Internet and Office programs, but elaborate photo edits, about with Photoshop elements, require much patience.

The best notebooks

Leaderboard: laptops Leicht distorted skin tones

Right is fast, however, the 11.6-inch (29.5 cm diagonal) display, image change does it in only 7 milliseconds. There are no ugly streaks such as movies with fast action scenes. However the not faithfully display colors, skin tones were slightly distorted in the test. Sharpness despite the relatively low resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels is quite neat.

Squire battery life

More weak points are the short battery life of only three and a half hours and the faint sound: beats audio technology to improve sound reproduction, but achieved the opposite. In the test provided speakers and connected headphones too much bass and treble (see frequency response on the right).

Conclusion: HP Pavilion X 360

Versatile notebook with strong drive and faster SSD? Not feasible for 399 euros. The HP Pavilion X 360 is not the fastest notebook, resulted in the test but quite well, price and performance are so in each case.

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