Huawei Ascend P7: Test Flat Android with iphone Airs

With every new top Smartphone top speed and equipment manufacturers. But who needs mega power in his everyday Smartphone? Sufficient non-serving of a liquid and smooth play for? And should the device be otherwise not rather nice flat? Who answers these questions with Yes, you should take a look at the Huawei Ascend P7. The laboratory test shows whether the purchase is worth.

The first impression: Huawei blossomed

Who knew Huawei so far only as a manufacturer of cheap plastic phones, experienced a shock after unpacking: with the Ascend P7, the Chinese catapult with a blow to the level of Sony and Apple. Front and back are made of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass 3 (latest generation), the display is crisp sharp (full-HD resolution), similar to bright as the iphone and in the test with optimum values for contrast and color fidelity. The cell display very close behind Corning’s gorilla glass and looks this brilliant. As with iphone 4 and 4s, the noble piece is framed by a strong metal frame in which also the antenna is hidden. The housing is flatter than the iphone 5S (Ascend P7: 14 x 6, 9 x 0, 7 cm, iphone 5S 12, 4 x 5, 9 x 0, 8 cm). In terms of design, display and processing, the P7 so neatly collects points. What s the inner values?

Huawei Ascend P7

29 pictures to the picture gallery, how fast is the slim Chinese?

While Samsung in the Galaxy S5 used a quad-core processor 2.5 gigahertz (ghz) and HTC’s one M8 still 2.3 ghz, Huawei the thing comes to the paper for something more leisurely: the new flagship model uses four cores with each 1.8 ghz. Specificity: the processor goes by the name of Kirin 910 T and comes from the Development Department of Huawei’s. In the test course of COMPUTER image, the P7 however reached a decent pace of work Note by 1.58. However: Thus it remains still slightly behind the pace of the first HTC one (M7) or the Samsung Galaxy S4 back and these models went already end of 2012 early 2013 on the market.

Surprise in the camera test

Former Huawei devices often mediocre cut off in the camera test. Quite different from the new P7: daylight shots are very detailed and in total similar to good as in the iphone 5S. Photos of fast moving objects (images of sports) succeed even better! Huawei’s piece of the design then again far behind the competition falls only when shooting in low light (with or without Flash). Record: The front camera offers a resolution of 8 Megapixels, beats the iphone 5S and Galaxy S5 front cameras in the test significantly. Specifically for the front camera, Huawei has even its own panoramic mode installed.

Huawei, Samsung, iphone & co: how good are the front camera?

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Battery life

The battery life is the Achilles verses of many high-end smartphones with its slim housing. Here, too, the Ascend P7 reflected properly: the Huawei 14 hours with a charge perseveres in typical, intense everyday use; This is more than decent. Longer values reach only a few smartphones, mostly only much larger Phablets. In extreme cases, the battery life can be still extend: an ultra power saving mode battery level promises full accessibility at 10 percent for the next three hours.

Good facilities at camera & co.

In the remaining facilities, Huawei follows the precedent set by the top competition: memory 16 GB internal memory is richly designed with 1.8 gigabytes (GB), (factory 12 GB free) allows an extension via microsd card up to 32 GB. It receives data with up to 150 Mbps with the currently fastest mobile communications technology LTE. An NFC chip allows quick pairing Bluetooth accessories and in future also cashless.

Conclusion: Huawei Ascend P7

So far was the name Huawei especially for low-cost Android smartphones. The company delivers his masterpiece with the Ascend P7: here are engineering and design for the first time. Its processor is slower than their top competitors. The higher quality has its price but also. So s is the technically similar, but slightly flottere Samsung Galaxy S4 to the similar price but with ordinary plastic design.

Lowest Price on the Internet: 209,95 Eur * This Product at Amazon order Pro Bright, sharp Display with natural Colors of scratch-resistant Crystal, also on the Back of Good battery Life (14 Hours intensive Use) Good Camera Very sharp Front Camera LTE Contra Processor is fast, reached but Not waterproof No Fitness Functions Battery firmly installed no top Speed of WIRELESS-n Standard only on 2.4 ghz Testrating Editorial 2.55 satisfying User Rating (out of 2 Reviews)