Magic 2014 Duels of The Planeswalkers, Thoroughly

Magic: The Gathering, the analog card game more absorbecarteras history, has finally digitized on Android. We have analyzed to fund This anticipated game, to know if compensates you for paying the fare needed to convert into full demo version.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 It is, above all, the first possibility for regular players know the letters of the new edition of the dictionary, which is put on sale this summer. In this way, they can prove the effectiveness of these letters in clashes against the artificial intelligence and, once you are happy with the result, go hunting for the cards that best fit you, but in physical format.

If you’re normal, Magic 2014 will come in well, but of course, you won’t see so many new cards as one would like to. Most of which you will find in the game are reprints of the last editions. Even so, it is not more know what remain, if you’re conservative and want to continue with the same strategy of your current deck.

It is important to clarify from the outset is that the game is intended for tablets, not for mobiles. It is not an issue of performance or adaptation, but interface: even on a mobile phone with 5 ” screen texts are too small to read comfortably. Thus it makes clear in the page of Google Play game. I recommend at least 7 “screens, better if they are 10”. I got to play in this tablet and it was amazing.

The user interface

The interface is very elaborate and filled with special effects: letters flying around the table, help messages overprinted, sparkles for that see the cards that are activated automatically, flashes and lightning when activated, effects, edges which shine so you know that you can play a card or activate it, stains of blood and blows in combat…

What’s more, each type of creature shows the damage that does differently. What are dragons? As a flare. What is a cleric? As a beam of light. Although Sometimes the interface fails a bit and those rays are misplaced.

So yeah, much to Polish in this sense. The interface is sometimes frustrating, It seems that you’ve done an action correctly, but not. Typical case: creature that entering the game — select to another to remove it. Marks a target creature, appears a beam that connects both cards so you can see the effect, but you have not given well, and the effect does not apply. Strategy ruined and without the possibility of correcting it.

The learning curve is slow, and support provides no useful information. It teaches you to play Magic, not a Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers. Anything you used to know what is the ability to regenerate, if then you don’t know what you should do in the interface which is activated this skill. It took me several bouts in understanding what.

Another example, the selection of which lands turn. If you have several color cards in your deck, you take care much what lands turn, but the selection is automatic. Is that I can not choose what cards I want to rotate? Maybe Yes, but it is very intuitive. You just have to click several times on the spell that we want to launch, and with each “tap” changes the combination of land. Try out one that you come well.

The handling of the cards on the table is inconsistent. Some actions require that you drag the letter, others that you click on them. Others supported both options, as in combat. It is easy to remove all the creatures you’ve marked for attack, because there is a button for this purpose. But it took many items to discover how to remove a creature you’ve marked as a gatekeeper by mistake (doing a tap on it).

This inconsistency is also present when it comes to activate some effects. While in some cases it appears an option to cancel, in others once you enable it there is no reverse gear.

In terms of phases of the turn, the system skip them automatically if you cannot play any card or activate effects. But sometimes it makes unnecessary pauses that force you to click continue, as when the opponent throws a creature.

But most uncomfortable is the time of Select a letter from among several, as in effects that allow you to download a land or pass it on to your hand from the library. As all the cards that shows you are candidates for this purpose, all are highlighted with a golden edge. Select which changes to edge clear. To visit them often pressing one by mistake, but in the foreground appears to agree to one highlighted with bright frame… and that is played is not that you were watching. Disaster.

If this selection is awkward, worse is when you get to choose any card from your entire library. Imagine 40-80 cards in a row along a screen, and explore them one by one from one end to another, looking for. Or a miserable “sort by type” or “search by name”, nothing.

Unlocking decks and cards

In the normal game mode progress to combat. Five different planes, at a rate of four opponents per level, each with their own harness and, therefore, strategy. At the end of a plane, we can unlock a planeswalker who, despite the bombastic title, are adversaries that I have proved easier to defeat than in normal rivals (with a few exceptions).

As you’re beating out contricantes, You’ll unlock new cards the harness that you’ve used in this encounter. You can choose to use what mallet before every fight, of all those you’ve unlocked. In addition, some victories will unlock new decks.

And here begins my first catch. One of the first decks that are unlocked is “Glory of Avacyn”, a white harness that combines ultraversatiles small creatures with devastating combat angels, both so typical of this color. It is a mallet that is far superior to the rest of them that they unlock, I think that It should arrive later in the game.

Since the Administrator of mallets We can retouch them, removing letters that we do not like to balance them. What can not be, and it’s a shame, we combine decks. We cannot create a new harness to base to choose among all the cards that we have unlocked. We can not create and test our own deck.

For which hurry, decks and all their cards can be unlocked pulling book. But where would be the fun? In addition, the game is not too difficult to complete. You just have to think that up to the worst of rivals can touch him a round with dozens of creatures and a pelting Earth.

Artificial intelligence

How good is artificial intelligence? Because there will depend greatly on the gaming experience. Well, for the novel player is fairly well. You know how to use (almost) all the skills of the creatures, the effects of spells, when launching an instant to take advantage of it, or in what order play some cards to increase your profit.

But you fool during the turn of the other. If a creature has an effect to turn it (how to create a new token creature), the most interesting usually activate it at the end of the turn of the other player. So you have the creature in defense, but you can then activate its effect and that it is ready for use from the beginning of your turn, in addition to the result of the effect. Artificial intelligence never acts as well, from what I’ve seen.

The worst thing I see is that is rather conservative. You often want to make a gambit, lose one or more creatures in Exchange for Polish you rival defenses. AI, however, often are cow and Book your attack to have more creatures in defense. This takes you in some cases even to not attack with flying creatures when the player has with what defend themselves. I overcame a bout in which I maintained 10 lives during other so many shifts, in which artificial intelligence had a 5/5 flying and I nothing to lock.

That Yes, if you see that lives have just been Sometimes it is thrown in desperation. Although sometimes it does everything it should be to try to endure one more turn and see if any letter that changes the course of the game. In general it is not evil rival, except in specific moments where you say “thank you gift”.

Sealed envelope mode

If you don’t want to tie you to the combinations of letters of pre-fabricated decks, you can assemble your own from random letters. You start by opening six sachets of 15 letters, such as those who buy in stores, and you have to assemble a deck from which you go.

It is a good choice to train layout of decks, but of course, you are limited to what you offer random. Once opened the envelopes, you can see the set of letters, select by color, and add to your deck. In addition, there is an automatic option to add land, or even to complete or design from scratch your deck.

I.e., you can design it, make all the game itself, or even to add a couple of letters of the main colors that you want to play, and the system mounts the harness from hence.

The penalty of this game mode is that there are only five clashes, some of which unlock an additional envelope.

Other game modes

Once you’ve defeated the rivals of all levels in normal mode, Chandra check you cable and play a two against one, with an opponent who is defended quite well despite the challenge. With this unlock the ‘Revenge’ mode, even if not you’ve defeated all walkers plane.

In this way revenge can take one to the main rivals of the game, already known from previous clashes. Now you know its weak points, advantage. The credits, appear at the end of this way but after that still lots of play.

They include extras, Challenges, challenges of two levels of difficulty that will teach you to squeeze the most different situations. Especially useful that newbies will discover to what extent can be complex strategies of the game, but do not have much science for those who have several decks at home.

Other extra are the two against one duels (known as “two-headed giant”) and all against all, where up to four rivals face at the same time.

Shopping, advances and other breakouts

As I said, the payment of the full version It is made from the application itself. Once you make this payment, you can use the full version on all your devices. I have not bought decks or additional cards, but I guess that they will also move between devices.

That Yes, there is no way to move your progress. If you’ve beaten several walkers plane on a device, they will wait that you face them on your other devices. A pity, the truth, especially now that Google Play Games puts so easy.

A nice gesture that has the application is to purchase, you receive a unique code that you can redeem in stores for a promotional gift card, Scavenger silt. It is a green creature 2/2 with 1 G, than by a green mana cost and exiling creatures of cemeteries receives counters 1/1 and raises you 1 life. It has good quote, and also give you an envelope with other six letters of interest.

Oh, one final thing. If you’ve already made progress on a device, and make payment to another, there is an option to activate the version of payment in both unless you lose your progress. Just have to go to options, settings, and hit the “Restore purchases”.

Magic 2014 Version 1.0

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3 (for tablets)
  • Developer: Wizards of the Coast LLC
  • Download it in: Google Play


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