Medion Akoya E6240T (MD99390): Test of the New Aldi Notebook

Proven case, new interior: Aldi is the Medion Akoya E6240T (MD99390) on the shelf a 15.6 inch notebook (39.6 cm screen diagonal), which offered the discount stores in a similar version already mid-December for 399 euros to June 5, 2014. What’s new? How quickly working the Windows 8.1 notebook? And where’s hooks? COMPUTER image makes a detailed test.

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Proven case, new interior: the 5th June 2014 provides Aldi the Medion Akoya E6240T on the shelf a 15.6-inch notebook for 399 euros. What’s new? New Medion notebook: Akoya E6240T in the same packaging test.
Like of its predecessor, also the new Akoya E6240T comes in a simple, but huge housing: around 26.5 centimeters deep, 39 cm wide and about three centimeters thick, it is. Also requires its weight by two and a half kilograms strong arms that is not for daily transport to the work.

Identical screen

The screen is also the same model as in the notebook 2013 offered just before Christmas: the display in an ordinary quality represents photos and videos with slightly pale colours. And the sharpness is not very high due to the standard resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels only. Good for: The MEDION has a touch screen that simplifies operation of the Windows 8 tiles. And who does a proper job: it sets precise inputs at your fingertips, but minimal time delay to.

Hdd with SSD Cache

The hard disk offers for holiday pictures and movies effectively 466 gigabytes of memory. Like the old model, the plate has a small SSD cache (eight gigabytes). The Akoya puts there often needed data and (smaller) programs for fast charging.

Medion Akoya E6240T (MD99390): product and detail photos

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completely new, however, is the processor of the Akoya E6240T: instead of an Intel Celeron 2910 (2 x 1, 6 GHz) is in the current Aldi notebook of the stronger Celeron 2920 from Intel’s current series of HASWELL. Its two cores with each 1.86 gigahertz clock. The Akoya long-time in the test but the speed advantage is just a tick faster than the old model in the normal work with Office programs or with the photo and video editing not noticeable.

Battery life significantly longer

In the test of the battery of the Medion Akoya for Internet and Office work lasted four hours and five minutes, when playing back videos, it was four hours and 15 minutes. This is much longer than with the old Aldi notebook, whose akku sahal was after something more than two and a half hours. Also class: In Office mode, the new Akoya is hardly to hear 6240 T (0.2 sone), under full load, such as editing, however, still (1.5 sone).

Good facilities

Equipment is almost completely: the Internet is via Wi-Fi-n (150 megabits per second), the exchange of data with smartphones using Bluetooth in the version 4.0. A memory card reader is also series (for SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC) as a Web camera and microphone for video calls. Continue to network and HDMI port available. are two USB 2.0 – and a USB-3.0-,

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The new Aldi notebook offers a significantly longer battery life, works a little faster and sucks in the Office and Internet operations with annoying fan noise. It also boasts a nearly complete facilities. But its chunky design and the relatively high weight remain the biggest shortcoming.

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