Oukitel A28: a Smartwatch of 40 Dollars

Continuing to the saga of the TecDica to recommend intelligent watches with affordable prices, we talk today about the Oukitel A28. The gadget was chosen because he’s on promotion this week on Gear Best. Its original price is 56.99 dollars (202 reais), but the Chinese store sells it for $40 this week (142 reais). Sales happen precisely at 12 GMT (15 hours ahead of Brasilia time) and are 20 units in stock for that price, plus one that comes out for only $10 (36 reais). Now we go to the details of the Oukitel A28.

This watch is compatible with smartphones with Android system and iphones. In it, you can receive notifications from the cellular direct from the wrist. This helps to save a little smartphone’s battery, since you don’t keep lighting his screen all the time. The product screen has 1.54 inch and is IPS (In-Plane switching), a liquid crystal organization that seeks to favor the most angles of sight. That is, looking from top or middle side to the smartwatch you can see what’s going on in the display.

The case of the watch is made of polished metal, precisely to give the appliance refining. After all, the visual is something important for an article that will be on your wrist all day, becoming a part of your look. The bracelet is made of legitimate leather so that you have a similar usage experience that you have with an analog clock. An important detail about the visual of smartwatch: it is available in silver and gold colors. Here at Vaultedwatches, it also gives you some information about smartwatch.

Inside, the Oukitel A28 has a MTK2502 processor, 128 MB of RAM and 64 MB free for file storage. Its battery has 250 mAh and Oukitel ensures that the clock holds for 100 hours in stand-by, which should be converted into battery for all day, as long as the use is not exaggerated.

As it could not cease to be, the A28 has pedometer to monitor the steps you give during the day. In this way, it is possible to keep an eye on your quantity of exercises in a quantitative manner. WHO recommends that you take 10000 steps daily to stay healthy. Do you have any idea how many steps you’ve given today? Probably not. This is one of the main reasons for being smartwatches and wearable technologies as a whole.

Another fitness feature is the heartbeat sensor. This is the same component used in Apple Watch, Apple’s smart (and much more expensive) watch. With this function, you can keep an eye on the heart rate wherever you are.

If you are suspicious of the quality of your sleep, the A28 can help to show how you have been sleeping. With the same sensor used to monitor your movement during the day, the clock detects your restlessness throughout the night. This may seem irrelevant, but it helps to progressively improve the quality of sleep, since you note that you need to relax, and also stimulates you to sleep for more appropriate time periods. It’s the famous gamefication.

The clock application is available in the app Store and it is called MediaTek SmartDevice. Who uses an Android phone will need scan the QR code that is displayed in the smartwatch to download the pairing app.

The Oukitel A28 is selling in Gear Best, which is a Chinese e-commerce company that has free shipping to Brazil.

Warning: There is a possibility that you are taxed by the Brazilian government. If that happens (what is always is a Russian roulette), you will have to pay 60% more than you paid for the product. Only that even if that happens, you will be the owner of a smartwatch that will have cost less than 500 reais.