Quarterly Figures: Apple Top, Nokia Next Flop

Apple sold 37 million iPhones in a quarter and makes a profit of no less than $13 billion. Nokia, however, makes a lousy of 1.1 billion euros. After all, the Lumia smartphones provide hope.

Almost exactly five months ago, the late “iGod” Steve Jobs announced his resignation as CEO of Apple, Tim Cook was succeeded as we know. There was an outcry in the Apple community, fans and experts saw endangered the supremacy of the most successful group in the world in the future. With the introduction of the iPhone 4S on the 4.10.2011 the company provided then some disenchantment, many with the presentation of the iPhone 5 expected. What initially slightly went down here, was the introduction of the innovative voice app “Siri” and the service “iCloud“, which as a result of 85 million registered users within three months.

The headlines given rather excellent sales of competitors Samsung, first in smartphones sold the third quarter Apple from the throne came with 28 million (Apple: 17 million iPhones), and then early January with 35 million stepped Galaxys & co. in Q4/2011 was for attention. For most experts like Our site was clear: these numbers are hard to beat.

Records thanks to iPhone & iPad

But now the tide has turned, because Apple has placed its numbers for the last quarter on the table, and it far exceeded the expectations of analysts: more than 37 million iPhones went over the counter (30 million had been expected), which Apple recaptured the position on the Smartphonemarkt not only the Poles, but rich plus generated a. Sales of 46,33 billion US dollars at the same time meant a gain of $13.1 billion, this time twice falling out so as in the same period last year. At that time, “only” 17 million iPhones have been sold. The total assets of the Californian in cash as well as in short – and long-term securities amounts to $97 billion.

Not just the iPhone, the iPad also has its share of brilliant figures. The Tablet sold an impressive answer to the new competing products such as the Amazon Kindle Fire or the different Galaxy Tabsin Q4/2011 15.4 million times and thus twice as often as in the same period a year earlier -. Tim Cook was therefore happy: “We are thrilled by our outstanding results” and at the same time added: “Apple’s momentum is incredibly strong, and we have some exciting new products in the making.” As always, it may be speculated what products did mean Cook. Learn you is it eh only on one of the next Apple press conferences.

Nokia disappointed

While Apple employees and shareholders have probably taken the one or the other bubbly bath, the former market leader Nokia is currently far away from party atmosphere. In the fourth quarter, total revenues as compared to 21% over the prior year period declined to EUR 10 billion, which means a loss of around 1.1 billion euros. In the entire year of 2011 is the company loss to 1.2 billion euros. When the mobile phones business is still, here 93.9 and only 1 percent of fewer devices than in the prior-year period over the counter went. The Smartphoneabsatz declined by 31 percent compared to Q4/2010, instead of 28.6 only 19.6 million units were sold. After all, that is an improvement to the even worse second and third quarter of 2011, when it sold only 16.7 and 16.8 million, 17% less smartphones, however, always an absatzsstärkeres quarter is the fourth quarter due to Christmas time.

The new Windows phone at least give hope “Lumia“-models. According to the Finns, “well over a million” piece to the customers were brought in the past three months. Thanks to this message was the Nokia share on Thursday in the meantime – despite the proclaimed evil quarterly figures – even six percent in the plus. The next Lumias are already in the starting blocks, most recently the LTE-enabled Lumia 900 for North America was announced there at CES. This year it will be apparent whether the Lumia smartphones can save the stricken giant.