Quarterly Figures The Second: Samsung, Motorola In The Miese

Samsung has a profit of $ 4.7 billion achieved, 2.3 billion of them thanks to the success of mobile devices. A loss of $80 million for Motorola provide court proceedings and costs for restructuring.

While yesterday, the headlines given Apple with record – and Nokia with negative values , Samsung and Motorola released their quarterly and overall figures today. Samsung comes therefore in Q4 on a turnover of 42,14 billion U.S. dollars, which the South Koreans a rise of 4.7 billion dollars could generate 1.8 billion, 76 percent more than in the same period last year. Thus they reach almost Apple values while in revenue (Apple: $48 billion turnover), at the profit they can compete but with Californians (Apple: 13.1 billion plus).

Draft horse Galaxy S2 & co.

Samsung’s mobile radio Division made this time already 39% or $16 billion of revenues (2.3 billion profit), what a compared to Q4/2010 increase of the turnover by 52 percent (profit: + 79%) means in this area. While Samsung does not mention how many Smartphones and tablets were sold exactly between the beginning of October and end of December 2011, specifying, that’s 30% more smartphones than in Q3/2011, which means approximately 36 million units. So as expected, it remains that Apple recaptured the Smartphone Crown itself with the announced 37 million iPhones sold. Is nevertheless excellent figures are according to Samsung on the one hand, the best-selling Galaxy S2 and on the other hand the new highend equipment Galaxy nexus and Galaxy touch thanks to. The manufacturer expects growth in smartphones by more than 30% for 2012, while feature phones growth is weaker. In the Tablet market, the Koreans also expect an increase in demand.

In the full year 2011 it looks not so dolle for Samsung, although it has 147 billion and 14.5 billion won, due to the poor running lines TV, semiconductors and memory means this but a profit decrease of 6% compared to 2010.

Motorola: patent litigation make for bad result

Motorola sold 5.3 million smartphones and to 8% in the fourth quarter more than in the same period last year and 10% more than in Q3/2010. However, more was to be expected, on the one hand in light of the compelling new flagship, the Motorola RAZR, on the other hand, with regard to sales-boosting Christmas. To do so, they brought 200,000 tablets to customers (for comparison: Apple’s iPads sold 15.4 million copies). However, the total number of sold mobile phones from 11.3 to 10.5 million went back. Turnover amounted in Q4/2010 approximately $ 3.4 billion, but made the mobile radio subsidiary Motorola mobility a loss of 80 million this time instead of 80 million profit. This is due to two circumstances: first, the acquisition of Motorola mobility through Google requires a costly restructuring, then there was some patent dispute like the one against Apple, which cause high court costs. Earlier this month, Motorola had given out already a sales warning.

Overall, Motorola took a 2011 $ 13.1 billion (14% more than in 2010), made but $249 million Miese. On mobile devices, Motorola brought 42.4 million pieces of the man, including 18.7 million smartphones and a million tablets last year.