Review: Neutrogena Two-Phase Makeup Remover!

Today’s post is about my impressions of two phase makeup remover Neutrogena which is part of the line Deep Clean of the brand promises to remove 99% of makeup, including products waterproof that are normally very difficult to clean. After testing a lot of makeup, I had to buy one in fright because I went to São Paulo and forgot to take my–I ran into supermarket pharmacy and just had this same option.

At first I was a little confused because I’ve used another hideous makeup remover the Neutrogena that you can see at THENAILMYTHOLOGY and not like because my skin is sensitive and burned too much! But how was I bought this same emergency to test and I was excited about the promise of removing all makeup.

I like a lot of your result, as you can see in the test I did to show with just a cotton- filled with the product removed most of the colored eye pencil (tested green and purple) which is usually a birth to clean–are the pencil Gosh that doesn’t leave for nothing in this world!

Before use they want to shake the bottle to mix the product, after all is biphasic, and the skin gets oily after more make-up removal. As I have oily skin I need to rinse the face after using the Biphasic Neutrogena makeup remover, the result is very good, but I feel the skin a little sloppy know? Yet the product because take up the hardest mascara effortlessly, not irritated my skin and doesn’t burn.

Has anyone used the Two-phase Neutrogena makeup remover?