Solar Powered Box Ensures A Mobile Phone Network

Pakistan is hit repeatedly by natural disasters. The country is not only relatively often shaken by earthquakes, but also regularly suffering floods and landslides.

All people in such civil cases the mobile phone network due to overloading collapses but often. This enormously complicated task the Savior.According to, the information technology University in the Pakistani Lahore developed therefore a box to take care of an emergency power supply in case of disaster. Affected parties and rescuers can then use this to make calls, send SMS or to retrieve online information.

A Box Provides A Radius Of Three Kilometres

The box marked with the abbreviation RBS consists essentially of an antenna, a signal amplifier and battery. It is charged with a solar panel, as in disaster areas often exist no regular electricity supply. The box is this so easy and handy, can be worn even by the rescuers. On the other hand, it is also robust enough to be flown by helicopter to remote areas and there dropped from the air. Once in operation, all cell phones in a radius of three kilometres can use the emergency network. In addition, also a kind of SMS information service is operated. Who needs, for example, the fire brigade, writes this on a given number and then receive the contact details of the local fire brigade.

Prototype Was Financed By Google

The construction of a box it costs 6000 dollars. The first prototype built in Pakistan was funded by a Google Foundation and to be tested in the next few months, also for the first time in the great outdoors. Researchers work in the future with the US company Endaga and a local communications provider for marketing the box. The International Committee of the Red Cross had a similar system in use after the earthquake in Haiti 2010. This however only SMS could be sent.