Sony PlayStation Vita: The Psp Successor Is a Stunner

With A9 quad-core processor and quad-core GPU, high resolution OLED display, rear touchpad and cameras for augmented reality games, the PlayStation Vita heralds a new era in the mobile game consoles. On 22 February, the device comes in this country in the shops.

To ever give you a taste of the exciting part, I have compiled the top highlights of the PS Vita times:

Highlight: PS 3-near graphic OLED display

PS Vita is a 5-inch display with 960 x 544 pixels resolves what a pixel density of 220 ppi and a quantum leap to the – admittedly very aging – PlayStation Portable (launch Germany: 1.9.2005) bedeuetet. This was resolved only half as high at 4.3-inch with 480 x 272 pixels (128 ppi). The capacitive multitouch screen is bright and high contrast OLED technology and provides the contents of razor sharp dar.

A fleet graphics provides a quad-core processor with ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and PowerVR SGX 543 MP4 +-graphics unit (with four cores) to supported by 512 MB working and 128 MB of graphics memory. The gaming graphics will come this way almost to the PlayStation 3.

Highlight: The many operational functions

The Vita housing has been revised properly when compared to its predecessor. So a second analog stick right on the screen and on the back is now a multi touch panel with a size of cm 12, which the users on the one hand can control with the menu, insert for various actions but also in games. The touchscreen itself is three-dimensional finger gestures, and last but not least, a motion is possible thanks to the 6-axis gyroscopic sensors, making the Vita as fast to the steering wheel (such as in the racing game WipEout 2048). Who initially loses the overview at the many outriggers, can use the pre-installed tutorial called “Welcome Park”, in which the control is explained step by step.

Highlight: Augmented reality thanks to cameras

The augmented reality features of some games are an interesting gimmick. When “Reality Fighters” can not only himself and his playing partner with the integrated front – and rear-view camera (resolution: 0.3 MP) scan and projecting let the heads on his fighters. a snapshot of the environment, and hey presto, is the own living room or the port of Hamburg to the venue of the fight. Another game called “Day” is quite legally on the PS Vita come true sprayer fantasies, here each any photographed wall can virtually be equipped with own tags.

Highlight: games and multimedia

All 13 games there are to start on the Vita with the adventure blockbuster ‘ uncharted: Golden abyss “and the racer”WipEout 2048”. Especially the adventure of treasure hunter Drake in South America to convince on the PS Vita, both in terms of graphics, as well as control and provide fornever-before-seen game quality on a mobile device. Here is the touch-screen mini games, the rear touchpad is required at the high hanging on a rope.

There are among others the mini games collection “Little Deviants” and the army shooter “Unit 13”. Sports game fans need to get a little on the title ‘EA Sports FIFA football’, ‘ Virtua Tennis 4 “and wait”F1 2011”, which are still in development. Also from the popular action-adventure game “assassin’s creed” and the successful shooter “Call of Duty” to give it versions of Vita.

Who at some point even have enough of gambling, can use the Vita as a multimedia player, it supports the audio formats MP3, MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3, MP4 (MPEG-4 AAC), WAVE (linear PCM) and video formats MPEG-4 simple profile (AAC) and H. 264/MPEG-4 AVC Hi/main/baseline profile (AAC). It does not have the device on an internal memory, instead you can buy memory cards of the size to 4, 8 or 16 GB.

The battery is a tribute to the strong graphic power however, according to Sony, the battery will last only 3 to 5 hours at the games and up to 5 hours at the Videokucken.

Highlight: Networking

Thanks to the strong processor and Wi-Fi b/g/n, surfing the net works quickly and without trailer. In addition to a pure WiFi version, there is also a with UMTS. But Wi-Fi could its previous PSP–networking is the keyword at the Vita. With the installed app “Near” can be seen, whether other Vita gamers in the vicinity are (thanks to the built-in GPS module) and interact with them. A funny feature of near is the “gift feature”, where you virtually can deposit collected game items such as weapons or treasures in real places, so that Playmate can take them down there.

With the “Party” app, you can chat with other gamblers and using the built-in MICS also chew, without that you must leave the single game or the browser for that. Finally the PS Vita you can use the “live area” rely on content from the PlayStation Network.

Availability & prices

The bombastic-features I can’t wait the publication – in less than three weeks, it is then also so far. The PlayStation Vita will appear on 22 February at a price of €249 (EIA) for the pure Wi-Fi version and € 299 (MSRP) for the version of UMTS, the games cost between € 39.99 (E.g. WipEout 2048) and €49,99 (uncharted: Golden abyss).