Streak Ends: WhatsApp for Windows Phone Is Back in the Store


Round for two weeks the Windows phone store a prominent app was poorer, but since the night of 30 to 31 May, WhatsApp is again available on the app store by Thus ends a roughly two-week losing streak for owners of Windows phones. Although continued already installed WhatsApp versions as yet who wanted to reinstall the app but, was empty. Users speculated extensively about the reasons. After suspected problems with the brand new Windows phone 8.1, pointed out problems with the Microsoft’s Windows phone Chief Joe Belfiore via Twitter is still widely used Windows phone version 8.0 GDR 3 (Lumia Black).

Smartphone Practice Test: Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone 8.1

The new version in the first practice test

Our site has already exhausted the new version: compared to previous versions, the app responds liquid. But the biggest new feature is optical nature: now you can set your own backgrounds for the chat history also on Windows phone. There are also simplified settings for data protection and the automatic downloading of photos and videos. Also, you can set your own alert tones from WP8 GDR3. Sending videos and MP3 files is not possible with the new version.

There are problems under Windows phone 8.1?

Although during the installation, a warning will appear at the new Windows phone 8.1, that some functions may not work the new version of WhatsApp in the test under the new operating system by default ran smoothly. However, some users still complain problems with the delivery of messages. Which can be solved easily in some cases: If you have enabled “the data usage limit in the background” in the system app data optimization (Datasense) the function, WhatsApp no longer works for the set data limit is reached. It switches off the function, the reception in the test worked again. For existing Windows phone 8 phones, the update on Windows phone 8.1 appears in the summer. So far it is available only as a developer version. The first official Smartphone with Windows phone 8.1 is the affordable entry-level Lumia 630.

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