Swatch Can Develop Intelligent Battery, Lasts Up to Six Months

Although the most famous manufacturers in the mobile device market already manufacture smart watches and bracelets, these gadgets are still not as popular among all technology enthusiasts. Many believe that wearable devices are still having many problems, for example, the short battery life;Something that not only affects the new handsets, it is all the generation of new technologies that consumes more energy.

Despite this, there are already several people on the market working to solve this problem, Swatch is one of these companies which is also introduced on ehotelat. Company CEO Nick Hayek said he is working hard to find a solution to the battery issue.

In an interview with the Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung, the executive revealed that next year he will launch a new smart watch, and that’s not all.It will not be any device, the smartwatch should have a revolutionary battery, compared to what is available in this market today.

Belenos, a watch research company, and Renata, a battery manufacturer, are working to introduce a solution to the problem.Last year the company said it will begin equipping its smart watches with fitness trackers, starting with the Touch Zero that was released earlier this year and is aimed at volleyball players.

“Anyone who brings a battery of smartwatch to the market that does not need to charge for six months will have the edge in this competitive industry.We are working intensively on this problem with our research groups Belenos and Renata.Next year we will be launching a revolutionary battery on the market, not just for smart watches, but also for cars, “said Hayek.

A Swatch spokesman confirmed the information revealed by the CEO, the novelty may be something that will change the market. Currently the batteries of Apple Watch and Moto 360 last little more than a full day.Something not very nice, since in addition to having to load all the other devices, the users also need to place the clock in the taking.