Too Many Data: Voip Blame on Whatsapp Failures?

In terms of range none is what the whatsapp message service: more than 30 million Germans use the service and communicate with groups and contacts. But since the Messenger belongs to Facebook and the owner moved for $ 19 billion, the service under the load, the new owner imposes on him stumble. An employee said now with picture about the failures and calls the culprits by name: Mark Zuckerberg.

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Failures, breakdowns and downtime

Since February whatsapp fighting increasingly annoying cases out. Times, there are even several hours, minutes. The reason: The immense amount of data, which caused whatsapp, is too much for the server. And may the situation worse: because requested by Facebook founder Zuckerberg you have must implement voice over IP function as soon as possible, so that soon whatsapp also calls are possible. This break with the former principles interferes with the employees: it was said earlier: the Insider to image explains no advertising, no games, no additives, which only detract, now belongs to the Mr Zuckerberg whatsapp and must assume the feature added recently by Facebook. And that is voip.

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New features in future

Whatsapp is growing inexorably. According to the report, the introduction of a night mode ahead as well as the option to add images with an expiration date. Who would like to help the developers at work, could sign in the future of easier and faster error at the headquarters. The greatest desire of the user seems to have still no place in the internal to-do list: A PC version for the user on the computer never was an issue for tablets more.

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The future with Facebook

Nothing a large part of the sum would be closer than the merging of Facebook and whatsapp finally went surely to users even on it. But according to insider, this is still in the distance. He explained the picture: the apps are always similar developed. Whether the two are but ever connected, only Mark Zuckerberg can say. It was as if a couple who never sees, he compares finally. After all: Facebook have remain no insight because supposedly this in the data currently on whatsapp.