Wild Rumours About The Samsung Galaxy s2 Plus

First there’s Guide to the Galaxy S2 plus from a benchmark database, then a photo of a mysterious Samsung Smarpthones shows up. We have to do it with the same device? However, everything is clear with the entry-level phone “Champ Deluxe”.

Spice up a successful model with some features, to stimulate sales or to shorten the waits on a “true” sequel the fans, is now a popular strategy for many manufacturers. Unless the iPhone 4S, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S or Samsung in-house the Galaxy S versions of “plus” and “advance” or the Galaxy ACE plus, the range of upgrade smartphones is long.

Already last year has been rumored that the bestselling Galaxy S2 be “Plus” gets, now the signs, condense for it. So, the blog has discovered some features of the device there as “Galaxy S2 +” referred to Our site  in the An3DBenchXL benchmark database during the week. The dual core of Smartphone is therefore growing on 1.5 GHz (Galaxy S2: 1.2 GHz), while the display resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. As OS Android 2.3.4 running gingerbread.

It’s also on information about the new device, but hold – short after the S2 plus features the hired Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin “Press Photo” (see left) a Samsung smartphones in Twitter. Quickly, there was speculation in the network, shows the image about the Galaxy S2 plus?

That was nothing, Eldar

At first glance, not even so outlandish at all, would have the blogosphere made did not bother to take the “Press Photo” closer look under the microscope. And promptly became clear that here someone with Photoshop hand has created, yet not just meticulously. Wrong angle for the date Widget, appointment of a press photo of the Galaxy S2, which points to the presentation at the 28.1.2011, outdated Android market icon for ice cream sandwich (which the photo according to the device running), etc – the photo’s is so very likely a fake.

We keep you informed but, as soon as there is more information on the Galaxy S2 plus. On the Galaxy S3 , we must wait some time for us on all cases. Because the new flagship is according to Samsung not as first hoped on the MWC in Barcelona, but on a separate, future event.

Samsung Champ Deluxe: Simple phone for chat and Facebook friends

The new Samsung Champ Deluxe is (Yes, there are more cell phones, also by Samsung) is a simple cell phone is not a fake. The feather-light with 90 grams part has a 2.8 inch small touchscreen TFT screen which resolves with 320 x 240 pixels. To do this, there’s a 30 MB small memory, which can be extended externally but thanks to MicroSD 16 GB, a 1 .3MP camera and an MP3 player. To chat, the Samsung service ChatON is installed, there’s also direct access to Facebook and Twitter. The operating system is proprietary, as UI running TouchWiz Lite. Great values which provides 1000 mAh battery: up to 15 hours of talk time, 34 days and 14 hours of standby. Connection standards, Bluetooth are 3.0 and GSM (EDGE/GPRS) on board. The little Champ costs €149 and is to have from this month to Samsung.