Without Hardware at the WWDC: The Guilty Remained Apple

The anticipation of the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) was big, the disappointment at some Apple fan at the end maybe even bigger. The reason: Until the last minute to a possible idea of the iphone 6 on the Internet rumors. Biggest controversy was a video aimed at showing a part of the presentation of the next Apple smartphones. Instead Apple presented only two operating systems ios 8 and OS X Yosemite.
Apple ios 8: The brand new Operating System in the Practice Test

iphone 6, iwatch & co.: idea in the late summer?

Who eagerly waiting on the iphone 6, must wait is probably at least until late summer. At least, Apple imposed a furloughs for employees for the period. Actually, that was a sure sign that the launch of the new iphone is imminent in the past. Iwatch, so a smart watch to see whether a, is uncertain. With ios 8, Apple however has created the best conditions. The health app works, for example, with various fitness apps on the iphone. They could run on the clock.

Ios 8: Apple introduces the new system for the iphone and ipad

Apple TV 4: competition for Amazon

Like it looks in the next Apple TV: also here the company had Miss new hardware. With the new metal interface for game developers, Apple could now compete with the Amazon fire TV and also bring video games on the TV. COMPUTER image was already in the test of the Amazon device of the opinion that the company from Cupertino must now put. Well possible so that Apple conjures up a new TV box out of the hat at the next big event. First notes on Apple TV 4 are already in parts of the code of ios 7

But a macbook Air with retina comes?

The introduction of the latest generation of the macbook Air was rather unspectacular. No wonder, because Apple has exchanged only the processor and 899 euro reduced the sale price for the model with the best facilities to 100 euro. It is only an intermediate step? This is not impossible. A macbook Air with a twelve inch large retina display believed the currently circulating messages, Apple introduces until late 2014. The macbook Pro there is now already the second generation with high resolution display.