311 and 305, Nokia Touch Phones S40 and Flavor Swipe

Nokia It is intended that their phones more affordable, the S40, also have touch screen in all its front. It is a matter of time that appear on the market, but there be, there are, as you can see in the pictures that we share with you.

Are two filtered phones on a Chinese forum, known for now as Nokia 305 and 311. Both have on its front with the aforementioned touchscreen and a couple of physical buttons to hang and pick up calls.

Accompanying images, we have a user manual which describes some of the main performances of the phone. We have a similar idea and touch gestures to Swipe from Meego/Harmattan to switch between desktops.

It will also be two-finger zoom in some situations, therefore, multi-touch support, and a notification bar that is deployed to abajao, something that Nokia had already lent Android months ago for Nokia Belle, and we have even seen in BlackBerry 10.

On the images, which have good size belongs to Nokia 311, we see that there is a camera of 3.2 megapixel camera, tell us that it has WiFi connectivity / 3 G and appears to be a more than the 305 model. The lower model seems to has a two-megapixel camera, and dual SIM system.