6 Pilates Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pilates exercises bring benefits such as improved body awareness, strengthening of muscles and help to prevent and combat urinary incontinence, which is common at the end of the pregnancy. Additionally, these exercises increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the baby and help to make you more calm and peaceful.

These exercises can the second trimester of pregnancy, however, should have some care during the execution of the exercises because some of them may unbalance, favoring the decrease or increase intra-abdominal pressure. Those who do not have the habit of practicing Pilates should you prefer the Pilates Matwork because they are exercises more simple and controlled, performed on the ground with the aid of balls or rubber bands.

1. Contraction of the perineum

Lying belly up, with arms along the body or gently placed on top of the belly and legs flexing, or on top of a ball, Pilates, hold the neutral position, leaving the space for a pea in the bottom of the back and the scapulae well-positioned on the ground, with the shoulders away from the ears and imagining that there are 2 headlights on your hip, that need to remain pointing upwards.

6 Pilates Exercises for Pregnant Women 1

From that position it should inspire and when you release the air, contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor, as if trying to suck a pea with the vagina. This contraction should be maintained only as long as it inspires and releases the air slowly. Do this contraction 10 times in a row, holding the breath and the correct position.

2. Straight leg raising

Lying belly up, bend one leg and raise the other being stretched. Do 5 times with each leg, while contraction of the pelvic muscles, making movements slow and well controlled, without raising the hips from the floor in no time.

3. Bridge

Lying belly up raise the hips from the floor, as shown in the image. Do 5 surveys, while it contracts the pelvic muscles.

4. Cat shook

In the position of the four points, try touching the chin to the chest while bring the hip forward and stretch the back, as shown in the image. Do 5 repetitions while contracting the pelvic muscles.

6 Pilates Exercises for Pregnant Women 2

5. Greeting to the sun

Get down on your knees and then sit down on your heels, stretch your arms forward and lean in the body, as shown in the picture, until you feel the stretch in the muscles of the back. Stay in this position for at least 20 seconds.

6. Stretching of legs

Keep in position that shows the image for at least 20 seconds. Do the same exercise with both legs.

Especially during pregnancy, Pilates exercises should be performed with maximum concentration, slowness and precision of the movements. Contract the muscles of the pelvic floor while doing the exercises is essential because they improve blood flow and improve muscle tone, combating the loss of urine.

Pilates help weight loss?

6 Pilates Exercises for Pregnant Women 3

The Pilates in pregnancy does not have a high caloric expenditure and therefore the pregnant woman should not lose a lot of weight with it, but it can help to maintain good physical shape and avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Some examples of Pilates exercises that can be performed in pregnancy are:

The Pilates exercises in pregnancy can be guided by a physiotherapist or physical education professional since both are instructors of Pilates.