8 Benefits of Bodybuilding That Go Beyond the Defined Body

8 Benefits of Bodybuilding That Go Beyond the Defined Body 1

Hard to find anyone who is a fan of bodybuilding, unlike what happens with running, swimming or biking, for example. The prejudice against the training based on repetitions of the load, however, ends up placing the background part of the benefits he offers to let the muscles defined and toned is only the beginning.”There is an increase of caloric expenditure during the year, and the gain of lean body mass speeds up the metabolism, causing the body to work more efficiently,” says the personal trainer Paula Loiola. She and other experts show that weight training needs to get to your physical fitness program.

8 Benefits of Bodybuilding That Go Beyond the Defined Body 1

1.Speeds up the metabolism

That such to lose weight even outside of the academy? Weight training makes this possible. According to the physiologist Raul Santo, of Unifesp, the muscle tissue continues expending energy even when we are stopped. The same is not true of adipose tissue. “Practice strength training increases the size of the muscles and decreases the amount of fat in the body. This causes our body to be more efficient already in the first days of training,” explains physiologist.

2. Leaves the body more young

Both men and women begin to lose muscle mass more sharply from the age of 30 years.This process can cause a lack of balance and decrease in motor coordination in the elderly who do not practice physical activities. To stay with the functions of the body intact and with a more youthful appearance, take classes weight training four times per week is enough. “In addition to stalling the process of muscle loss to do weight training also fights the formation of fat accumulation, a process more common after the age of 30 and that leaves the body with appearance of older,” says personal trainer Paula Loiola.

3. The loss of fat and gain muscles

Those who are starting the practice of bodybuilding can gain weight. “There is an increase in muscle mass before the fat loss, since this type of exercise increases the circulation and retention of fluid in the muscles,” says Paula Loiola. After four weeks, it is already possible to notice the loss of fat. “This exchange, besides providing the loss weight and let the muscles more apparent,” says the personal trainer.

8 Benefits of Bodybuilding That Go Beyond the Defined Body 2

4. Protects the bones

The muscles serve as a vest for our skeleton. When our muscles are in shape and toned, the chances of bone fracture are lower. It also decreases the chances of osteoporosis, because, when we do intense exercise, there is absorption of calcium by the bones. “To have the muscles more prepared protects the joints, preventing twists and injuries are caused by other exercises,” says the physiologist Raul Santo.

5. Work large muscle groups

The bodybuilding work, intense large muscle groups, and not just specific muscles. “Exercises such as leg presses work a large number of muscles, expending more energy and, consequently, burning more calories,” explains Paula Loiola.

6. Heart stronger

When the exercises fail to work the various muscle groups, they also improve the functioning of the heart, protecting the body from cardiovascular diseases. “Intense exercise can control blood pressure, fight cholesterol, and leave the heart more active and healthy,” says Raul Santo.

8 Benefits of Bodybuilding That Go Beyond the Defined Body 3

7. Increases flexibility

It may seem strange, but the movements of muscle contractions that happen in a weight room, increase flexibility, says a study presented at the meeting of the American Association for Sports Medicine. Researchers compared the effects of stretching and strength training on flexibility of muscles.

During the study, 25 people were divided into two groups: one did strength training for five weeks, and the other, stretching for the same period. 12 other people were used as a control group, remaining inactive. The results showed that, well oriented, weight training increases flexibility as far as stretching.

8. Helps to make friends

Go to the gym is not only good for the body, is also good for the mind. As it is a place where the majority of people have similar goals, they are able to talk and exchange experiences.