Acer: Lack of Apps Is the Reason That Customers Opt out of Windows Phone.

That Windows Phone is not listed first in the queue for new apps is no novelty, but that’s why Acer await with WP-mobiles.

We have earlier told here on our site that Google is pushing Acer to drop the competitor. The time it was not, however, Microsoft’s Windows Phone system, which was in the spotlight with the Taiwanese techgigant, but instead it Aliyun-linux-based system.

Acer does not have much experience with Windows Phone, since their products instead houses the search giant remains undisturbed Android alternative. In 2011, however, the Acer præsentede W4 (Allegra), as their first and only Windows Phone Mobile. Since, there has not been much, and it is there a explanation on.

Allen Burnes, who is the EMEA VP for Acer’s smartphone division points out that Windows Phone still hangs after the competitors iOS and Android, as several studies also have demonstrated. He also believes that the lack of app-selection has great part of the blame. It writes our site.

“Windows Phone Store is on the mend. But if there is 350,000 apps, and they do not include the top 100, then it’s not good for consumers. For example, if you do not have the local bank app, then it is out of the question for many consumers, “said Burnes and continues” there are quite a lot of elements around apps, which is crucial for us “.

Acer excludes so not their interest in the platform, and has told, that they are in talk with Microsoft. However, they are waiting with WP-based Acer phones to Windows Phone stand for 10-15% of the market.