Android 2.2 Froyo Appears Today Officially in Nexus One, But for Motorola Droid Is Still One More Month

Already noted the presence of summer around here and Google, trying to somehow refresh all their enthusiastic, announced yesterday that, finally, releasing the code of Android 2.2 Froyo publicly. This morning, that news is you added the start of the distribution of the final version of For all its Nexus One Froyo via OTA.

We have also heard of the real Motorola plans to update your Motorola Droid and your new Motorola Droid X to Froyo, and the tone of the news is the same as we have had so far, i.e., follow waiting a little more.

Motorola continues to point putting Froyo for their terminals, July will be the month elected to begin to launch it

DroidForums Forum guys have introduced a very explanatory screenshot among all its readers, it’s a note with Motorola intentions with respect to future updates of its two flagships, the Motorola Droid and the new Motorola Droid X, the image is as follows:

In summary:

  • Motorola Droid X users will receive Android 2.2 Froyo at the end of August.
  • Motorola Droid users (we suppose that also the Motorola Milestone) will receive Android 2.2 Froyo at the end of July.

This data is a considerable delay According to the expectations of many users who planned to have it even simultaneously to the Nexus One. Anyway just a month, it is not so much. We hope that European users of the Motorola Milestone Don’t assume it greater delay, since in principle, and as said the general director of Motorola Spain in an interview to Engadget, there should not be any difference between the two models.

The long journey of the launch of Android 2.2 Froyo on Nexus One comes to an end

Recall that a month ago we mentioned between cheers, hugs and tears of pure emotion that Google had begun to launch Android 2.2 Froyo among its clients of Nexus One in the USA just 2 days after its official announcement at Google I/O. Nothing was so.

That news was real and certain, but what had occurred was the distribution of a update of testing froyo between several Nexus One handed over to developers and press, not all terminals, as we all thought. Even so the update took well little to be found in the Google servers in a file in .zip format. We were many who lament, the fastest download it and apply thanks to a simple and legal process combinations of buttons and menus in our terminals.

It was the Froyo version with FRF50 build number. At first glance it looks like the final version, runs really smooth and incorporates all the features promised in Google, but in fact also includes troubleshooting and bugs, where is the absence of part of the applications of the Market perhaps the most striking of all. In Google was admitted then that were still missing weeks so the official version, launched a previous version that was.

A week ago jumped to the network a new version, which had as FRF72 build number. The update was extremely small size and only added less than the aforementioned FRF50 corrections. Therefore It was more a patch as an update in itself. On Google returned to make after that it was not the “final”release of Froyo, and which would not launch it until it does not reach the parameters and criteria of quality they consider appropriate.

And at this point, and as announced at the beginning of this article, seems to be that the day of the release of Android 2.2 code has also been chosen to begin launch date the final update via OTA: is the updated with number of compilation FRF83. Of course, also the typical .zip file has been leaked from Google servers for install it manually, for users who already have FRF50, for those who have FRF72.

Clarify that the OTA will arrive for all Nexus One regardless of the version of Froyo FRF or system Eclair with. We assume that it will gradually appear in all terminals (a mi me has not yet come).

What will happen when you receive the update via OTA?

This section is aimed at all users of Android in general. To many of you, especially to those who have just arrived, the issue of the update via OTA os causes multitude of doubts about applications and previous configurations of its terminals, We are going to resolve them.

The update OTA will have it available when it appears on our terminal a message like this (but in Spanish, clear):

So what we must do is ensure that we have the Wi-Fi enabled to download or a good 3G data rate (the update is usually 40 Mb approximately). So give install later and make sure your type connection. You can then return to find the notice of discharge without problems from the menus Settings > about phone > system updates to begin the installation.

Comment that the upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo your applications and settings (except in isolated cases) remain unchanged, the only thing that is updated is the system itself, so you will not lose anything.

In my particular case, I decided to do a “Wipe” or “Factory data reset” a few hours (manually) install the Froyo FRF50 version, because I noticed that the system was not working as it should. Maybe that was a particular problem from my Nexus One, but I recommend that you do the same if you have the opportunity (before saving all of your data), since this system is slightly more “clean” that is when full of Apps and custom configurations. To have access to Settings > privacy > factory data reset.

Good advantage to all Nexus One users. We your comments.