Android 2.2 Froyo FRF85b, a New Update for Nexus One Appears

It seems that Google loves raise expectation in industrial proportions in regards to its new operating system Android 2.2 Froyo and its Nexus One phone. Will make a month we announced the sudden but expected news of the launch of the Android 2.2 update Froyo via OTA in the Nexus One from USA just 2 days after his official announcement, but later we realized that actually was not that what was happening.

A few days ago we explained that it was an exclusive updates from testing for a small number of terminals, but that had, now released which everyone took as final version, known as FRF83, that would be which reach us all via OTA. It seems to be that we were wrong again, few hours ago has released another new version for the network.

The new build number is the reference FRF85b and for now it is only upgradeable for those who installed the version FRF83 at its terminals. This new update has arrived via OTA for some and many others have opted to download it manually from the typical link filtered by network Google servers.

More than a new update to the use, it is a new patch that probably fix the bugs found in version FRF83, since it occupies the bare-bones size of 507 Kb. Seen the release of this version FRF85b completely discarded is that with FRF83, and even this FRF85b, we are facing a final version of the system Android 2.2 for Nexus One.

When will the final leave? As seen, only Google knows it. We will try to keep you informed.


As well, before my initial skepticism, I must admit that this It may be the version definitive Froyo for Nexus One, He has already left it Escapology quite clear in the comments you have below, but is, in addition, Google has published this morning a new article on its official blog about the imminent arrival of Android 2.2 Froyo to your Nexus One, that it will be along this same week. Even with all these data, we are awaiting any news or changes. Thanks for being vigilant.