Android 2.2 Will Come to All The Family of Phones Samsung Galaxy S

Seems we have the day of updates, this morning overtook it in Engadget, during yesterday presented a whole family of terminals based on the Samsung Galaxy S, and the event was reported that although it had Android 2.1 operating system, they would be updated to Froyo before the end of the year.

They not only assured him during the presentation, but rather the official twitter of the company echoed this. I hope that this time be taken seriously the issue of updates, since Fame who have won with the first generation of terminals Android is not good, and may people have it in mind when choosing new phone.

A pity that Samsung has not been more specific with the possible dates update output, at least to get an idea, we already know that the customization of interfaces makes the thing is delayed, but I hope that the thing does not lengthen until December. They emphasized in the arrival of the Flash 10.1 with Froyo support.

Samsung Galaxy S, a family of phones to the Smartphone market

Taking into account the commitment of the Korean company by the family of Galaxy S phones, with five different versions: Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate, Epic 4 G, and US Cellular, and distributed by 110 countries throughout the world, I do not think that they play to not upgrade, because presumably they will be a few phones that will work well in the market.

So much so that in the first country to be put on sale, Korea South, I have come to the 100,000 units in 5 days, selling the first 10,000 units in just five hours. Very important numbers for a market as South Korea.

Perhaps the figures not scared so much as the 1.7 million iPhone 4 sold in three days, but when the phone starts to appear in more markets you can get good figures for a high end Android phone.

In Engadget we have done a review for five phones, informing about the differences between them, since it is possible that apart from the original Samsung Galaxy S that will bring Movistar, one of the variants to reach Europe, you know that like operators distinguish themselves with seemingly different phones.

Almost five versions are the same, aside from the Samsung Epic 4G which is a phone with QWERTY keyboard, the rest changes the presence of flash on the camera, the external design, or the storage memory. Fortunately the screen 4 inch SuperAMOLED and the 1 GHz Hummingbird chipset is present in all.

Reviewing a bit of updates today, yesterday had the opportunity to inform as Froyo officially came to Nexus One, today learned that Sony Ericcson is also in it with your Xperia X 10, and in the third quarter would be available for Wildfire, Legend and Desire of HTC phones.