Apple Adapts “The Song” Announcement for Chinese New Year

Nobody doubt already of the importance of the Asian market in general and China in particular within the plans of world domination by Apple. Figures for the last quarter have revealed to us that of Apple revenue in the Asian giant if alone are about to overcome throughout Europe (22% of revenues against 23%) while if add those of Japan and the rest of Asia the figure rivaling even the of the own United States (36% versus 41%).

This not only has resulted in an ambitious display of official stores around the country with inaugurations as Hangzhou and Jiefangbei, separated by a week, but that we are witnessing such a focus on this market to produce specific versions of your advertising campaigns with faces that fit better within a country in which only the 0.49% of the national total have foreign origins.

And here’s an example. The Christmas Apple ad, The Song, filmed again by changing the scene and its protagonists to celebrate Chinese new year. The story. that Yes, it is the same, a young woman who decides to use the tools that Apple provides to create a very special gift for your grandmother.

And so that comparéis if you have not too recent, here the original (of which you also publish his how did):