Apple and Japan Display Inc Form Tandem to Build Future Devices IOS Screens

Let’s leave aside both car… Well, who knows, perhaps also to build future hypothetical Apple electric car control screens… Leaving aside rumors that do not yet have many overtones of reality, we are going to focus on something that is more tangible, the future of screens for Apple’s iOS devices (and perhaps also for Macs).

Japan Display Inc. formed from the divisions of Sony screens, Toshiba and Hitachi has seen as It has managed to make economic performance thanks to provide to Apple in a part of the screens that have been used (and are using) to build the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. We all know that the focus of economic interest of Apple is moving to Asian markets (China and Japan are going strong).

Right now, Japan Display of Mobara plant is manufacturing 50,000 sheets a month to 1.5 by 1.85 meters which end up becoming iPhone screens. The plan goes to open a plant in Ishikawa, Central Japan to devote himself exclusively to Apple. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal much of the necessary investment would assume Apple. We’re talking about 200 trillion yen, $ 1.7 trillion (American).

We will see if this movement allows the iPhone to follow having one of the best displays on the market.