Apple Issues More Bonds for Not Having to Move Money from Other Countries

Apple offering debt? Just after revealing benefits never seen in history and a capital of more than 170,000 dollars in cash? So yes, already has done so other times and now the Cupertino company returns to the fray by issuing bonds worth $ 5,000 million.

The reason, as on the previous occasions, is not the money itself but where it is saved. Apple has much, but shared by all the countries in which it operates and therefore in several currencies. And if Apple needs the money and does not have enough that you have entered in the United States, then touch transfer that money from other countries. And banks they charge a fortune in fees to do that.

Among other objectives, Apple offers these bonds to repurchase shares and make acquisitions

Therefore, until in Cupertino was forced to pay millions to transfer billions, they prefer to issue debt. The idea is not bad: Apple thus attracts investors with a few bonuses which are apparently more profitable to own bonds of the U.S. Treasury and covers all expenses required for its plans.

Those plans, by the way, are: repurchase shares of the company, pay the dividend that return capital to shareholders, repay more debt and acquisitions, among other things. Cupertino has an agenda and the international tax to transfer money won’t be an obstacle.