Apple Wants Us to Save Time Even Within Buildings Measuring Trafficking in Persons

Today we are lucky to save long dead thanks to certain mobile applications, telling us where to Park, where circular to avoid traffic jams or which site you are interested we have closer. But all that just when we got out of the car or any public transport: What happens when we walk?

As Apple has released a patent that meets it to us, and which describe us from AppleInsider: become a reality could enter an enclosure and know your people on foot traffic from the iPhone (glues, agglomerations, waiting times) with all the benefits that this entails.

The system would take data of the movements of people in the queues of establishments

I would get it by measuring the position and specific movements that have an iPhone in queues in supermarkets, cinemas and restaurants. Thus, our phone can tell us if we go before to catch a film entries since there are queue and they are finishing changing time to our reminders and events calendars.

Obviously people who live in small towns will not see him very useful, but it may be something very useful in large shopping centers. We could save ourselves to go to a restaurant if we know in advance already that we can not make reservations, or avoid approaching the Apple Store if it warns us that the queue for the Genius Bar are too long.