Apple Working on Fix for the Fingerprint Reader on the iPhone 5S

Apple is apparently aware of the errors that some users experience on the 5S with fingerprint reader, and are working on a fix.

The fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S is since launch been praised to the skies, particularly due to the integration in their HOME-button, so that the entire reading can be implemented in a simple push of the button.

After a period of time, however, it is not all who experience a hassle-free reading of the fingerprint. Several users are experiencing this problem, which goes under the name “AuthenTec Fade”, and refers to the company behind the fingerprint reader, which Apple bought in 2011. It writes our site.

The error consists in the fact that the sensor is having trouble reading the image properly after a period of a few weeks. It has resulted in user solutions, where some have had luck with that load the same finger several times.

Apple is according to sources aware of these mistakes, and apparently working with the original AuthenTec-team, in order to correct the error. We know yet whether these bug fixes are part of the iOS7.1 update we expect public ready in mid-March.

AppleInsider also points out that there are limitations to its use by reading fingerprints, as Apple in fact cannot do anything about. Such as injury to the skin or wet conditions, which makes reading impossible.

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