Attractions in Hue, Vietnam

Beautiful landscapes, fascinating historical monuments and legendary stories: this is Hue. The city of 350,000 in central Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations for Vietnam vacationers. No wonder: After all, the former capital of the Empire of Vietnam has numerous attractions to offer both locals and tourists from all over the world. About 15 kilometers from the city center is Phu Bai International Airport, which is also regularly served by international airlines. In addition, the modern port is regularly approached by large cruise ships.

Citadel “Kinh Than” and “the Forbidden City”

The city of Hue is located on the banks of the Huong Giang River, known as the Perfume River. The most important attraction of Hue and at the same time the symbol of the city is the citadel Kinh Than in the north of the Huong Giang. The impressive large fortress from the 17th century, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993, encloses large parts of the city. Inside the citadel is the legendary “Forbidden City”. This was built on the model of the “Forbidden City” in Beijing. The Thai Hoa Palace is also extremely worth seeing. In the former imperial palace from the 18th century you get an exciting insight into the eventful history of the city and the region as well as the former Vietnamese Empire. Inside the citadel are the tombs of some emperors from the Nguyen dynasty and some small palaces and temples that are worth seeing. If you want to immerse yourself in the typical Vietnamese market hustle and bustle during your visit to the region, you are in the right place in Hue in the old trading center Phu Cat. In addition to many small shops, there are also large market halls here. Of course, local culinary specialties should not be missing here either. Those looking for relaxation are in the right place in the park ” Công Viên Th ?? ng B? C” right by the perfume river. Here you can enjoy the tranquility in the small calligraphy garden or in the various pagodas.

Fascinating landscapes and adventures

The region around Hue also impresses with its fascinating landscapes. The Bach-Ma National Park is located around 45 kilometers southeast of Hue. The 22,000 hectare park is home to more than 1,400 different plant species and around 330 different bird species. In the center of the park is the approximately 1,500 meter high mountain B? Ch Mã. Hikers get their money’s worth here as well as climbers and adventurers. Those who want to explore the region from the water should take the time for a traditional boat trip through the numerous lagoons on the coast. Here the beauty of the almost untouched nature becomes visible. The spring months from March to June are considered the best time to travel to Hue.

Attractions in Hue, Vietnam