Beach Life and Culture in Turkey

Beach life, culture, good food and interesting cities – read Rantapallo’s travel guide to sunny Turkey.

The Mediterranean sun attracts Turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination due to its warm climate, diverse travel destinations and especially its beaches. The country on the Anatolian Peninsula is divided into two continents: part of the country is located in Southeast Europe and part in West Asia. According to countryaah, the border between Europe and Asia runs through the city ​​of Istanbul.

Turkey is especially known as a beach resort. There are suitable destinations in the country for both family holidaymakers and those who want a youthful evening life. Culture and shopping can also be combined with a holiday. For the active holidaymaker, things like golf, diving and hiking are available.

The most famous resorts in Turkey are Alanya , Antalya , Marmaris , Belek and Istanbul.

Alanya is a popular beach destination

Alanya is a popular beach destination.

Travel season from April to October

There is regional variation in the climate – the country is vast, so this is natural. In the temperate Mediterranean climate of the coast, the summer is warm and reasonably dry, while the winter is mild and rainy. In the inland continental climate, the seasons are clearer: summers are hot and winters are cold. Many do not know that there are even ski resorts in Turkey.

The best travel time is from April to October. In midsummer, however, the heat can be depressing at times and that is why the spring months are a pleasant time for those traveling with young children, for example.

From the beginning and end of the season, tourism is often cheaper, but then the range of services may be limited. For example, there may be fewer or no water activities on offer and some restaurants close their doors for part of the year.

Tourism in Turkey does not have to be limited to the summer season. For example, a city break in Istanbul or a nature and cultural holiday in Cappadocia are equally suitable for a winter time program.

Versatile things to do for the whole family

The coastal bathing waters are clean and warm, so they are also well suited for the little ones in the family. The country is also well suited for active holidaymakers for its varied hobbies and vibrant nightlife.

Many beach resorts offer opportunities for many different water activities, such as water skiing and diving. Golfers will enjoy the warm greens of the country.

Short for TR by abbreviationfinder, Turkey is known, for example, for its Turkish bath, hammam. There are also dozens of spas built around hot springs.

Pack your inexpensive shopping

Turkey is a reasonably affordable tourist destination and a good destination for shopping. There is a bazaar area in almost every city in Turkey. Bazaar shops can be anything from jewelers to clothing stores selling pirated products.

In bazaars, trading inextricably involves bargaining. In tourist areas, trade is often done over a long period of time with a cup of tea or coffee. You shouldn’t play this game unless you’re ready to buy the product at the end of a successful bargain. The final price of the product can be as low as half of the original price quoted by the seller.

In Turkey, for example, gold and leather products and carpets are cheap and of high quality. Popular gifts include spices, shoes and bags.

When shopping at the market, it is worth keeping in mind that in some tourist areas you may still encounter scams. Sometimes you try to chop down tourists by packing something completely different in the back room into the package than the item on display in the price negotiations, so if in doubt, make sure you get just the right product.

Historic sites are suitable for the cultural and nature tourist

Turkey’s history is multi-generational and variegated. The area is influenced by Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and many other cultures. The seaside town of Side , for example, is full of historic buildings from ancient Greece as well as the Roman Empire. The cave towns of Cappadocia tell what it was like to live at the mercy of nature in ancient times.

There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey . These include, for example, the historic parts of Istanbul, the city of Safranbolu and the ancient Trojan area.

Natural masterpieces include the Pamukkale cliffs bleached by calcareous water and the stunning Rock Formations of Cappadocia. The Cappadocia region in particular has become a popular nature destination in recent years, and more and more Finns are traveling to see the region’s stunningly beautiful valleys.

Families with children thrive in Turkey

Turkey is ideal as a holiday destination for families with children, as the flight distance from Finland is reasonably short and there are direct flights to many popular holiday destinations. The locals are very child-loving, so even the youngest in the holiday community are well catered for.

In addition to beach holidays, there is a wide range of activities for families. There are plenty of sights and excursion destinations. Getting around in urban areas is also relatively easy with strollers, although the sidewalks are sometimes narrow or non-existent. Turkey’s most popular resorts have several large resort areas with water parks, especially for those traveling with children. Inquire about these directly from the travel agent when booking your trip.

The customer service tasks of tourist destinations usually have very multilingual staff and when dealing with locals, English gets along well.

The security situation in Turkey is generally good for the average holidaymaker, although there are many contradictions in the political situation in the country. Occasional political unrest usually does not extend to the resorts on the south coast where most holidaymakers stay. Nevertheless, as always when traveling, common sense is good to keep with you. Travelers to Turkey should follow the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ current travel bulletins and, if necessary, follow the Ministry’s instructions. The most risky cities are Istanbul and Ankara.

Turkey is an Islamic country

Islam is a prominent part of Turkish society. The minarets of the city mosques echo five times a day with a call to prayer that may surprise a traveler to Turkey for the first time. Turkey is now quite secular, but it is still polite to respect local customs.

The eastern parts of the country are more religious than the western parts. However, all over the country, including destinations that are especially popular with tourists, it is advisable to dress in moderation and show tact, for example in the use of alcohol. Alcohol is not banned in Turkey, but its excessive consumption is not considered appropriate.

Covering your shoulders and knees is a good habit. Some local women cover their heads with scarves, but not all, nor are tourists expected to do so other than visit mosques. In large cities, coastal tourist destinations and hotel areas, dressing is more liberal than, for example, when moving in rural towns. It is worth noting, however, that the attitude of locals towards a revealingly dressed tourist can be very different from that of an oversightly dressed foreigner.



The tourist season for Mediterranean beach resorts runs between April and October.

A short flight from Finland

The direct flight to Turkey is relatively short, about four hours. For example, Finnair flies direct flights to holiday destinations and only flights are available from most travel agencies. Flight prices start at around € 150-400, depending on the time and destination of the trip.

The easiest of the city’s destinations is Istanbul, the hub of Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines has a staggering number of destinations to travel to through Istanbul – the airline with the most routes on a global scale. Istanbul is a popular stop over and exchange city on the way to many destinations in Asia or Africa.

Turkish beach destinations are also part of the selection of most Finnish travel agencies during the summer season. There are traditional package tours, self-catering holidays and all-inclusive trips. Popular beach resorts include Alanya, Antalya, Side, Kusadasi, Belek and Marmaris. The sudden departure from these destinations in Turkey is typically good, and the spontaneous traveler may find very cheap trips if only to be willing to wait until the last minute. For the cheapest travel time in spring and autumn, sudden departures to Turkey can cost as little as 200 euros.

A wide range of hotels offers a choice

Turkey is a developed tourist destination and there are plenty of hotels, especially in big cities and popular beach resorts. The level of hotels varies from luxury all-inclusive hotels to modest hostels. Hotels are often affordable and good value for money.

There are also a lot of foreign holidaymakers in Mediterranean beach resorts who buy or rent a holiday home for their own longer-term use. Housing prices are quite affordable, and many Finns have ended up with this solution.

Jump on the bus or dolmus

You can move between different destinations, for example by train or bus. Bus travel in particular is inexpensive and easy. You can also fly between cities. There are many companies operating domestic flights and flights are often cheap.

In cities and for short trips, a cheap minibus or dolmus is a good option . Taxi travel prices in Turkey are very affordable. The best vehicle depends on the destination and where you are going. For example, you should inquire about travel options directly from your own hotel.