BlackBerry 6 OS Video, Taking Ideas from The Competition

RIM has released a new video about the expected renewal of its operating system, talking about BlackBerry 6. In the minute and a half hard the video can see plenty of elements that come to the platform to which demand today, so takes borrowed elements of iPhone, Android or webOS.

There are no universal search, Media Player coverflow style, or a web browser based on webkit with multi-touch support. Clearly betting by touch using the system, waiting for an upcoming and promising BlackBerry Storm 3. Let’s see the video:

The social networks It will be another element pampered on the platform, their passes integration by a similar idea to customizations Android as HTC Sense, and can view and update the different networks from a single interface. We remind you that BlackBerry has its own official twitter client.

Also come from other system we find a magnifying text, which allows us to select a concrete position in more detail. On-screen keyboard and notifications more pull to the Android idea. His harvest we see sensitive type pop up menus to the context.

It is expected that this sixth version of the operating system appears on the market during the summer, making it the first phone to make use of it must be close, perhaps BlackBerry 9800, or the 9670.

Until proven things final conclusions can not be given but is clear that RIM is updating the system to what the market demands, we already liked the first time we saw it, and although perhaps goes a step behind with regard to competition, the reality is that they have always been at your own pace.