Boeing Phone Deletes Data During Burglary

Company Boeing is most known for its aircraft, but there is also a security-oriented smartphone on the way from the same place.

Boeing Black is the name of yet another smartphone that has a strong focus on safety in style with Blackphone from Spanish Geeksphone which have appeared on the company’s own website.

The phone is especially suitable for those users who deep down would have the same equipment as James Bond.

The phone runs a not yet known Android version, has a 4.3 “QHD display, and a 1590 mAh battery.

In addition, among other things, the encryption of data and different security protocols in the software, so there may be connected to the phone satellite transmitter and receivers, biometric measuring instruments and sensors or an extra large battery that can be charged up by the Homethodology.

In addition, the phone will destroy all data, if it detects that someone tries to break into it. You can read more about the phone here.