Chill Power Bank-New Danish Series of Mobile Gadget-Chargers

Danish Chill Innovation is ready with a new series of portable USB batteries that can charge all sorts of things in the household.

There is nothing so annoying as lack of power when the smart phone is with South, precisely in order to perpetuate the beautiful moments. The Danish company can Chill Innovation that might help.

Chill Innovation is, according to their website “a Danish company, as a designer, tweaker and produces unique IT products and gadgets over the usual standards. Power to the People! “. They have just launched a new series of USB batteries named “Chill Power Banks”. It is clear from that postings on the website.

In addition to iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, so providing “Chill Power Bank” also for juice, for example, digital camera, video camera, GPS, travel speakers, games console like URf.eks. Sony PSP, Bluetooth Headset, keyboards, Chill Chill Mini Bluetooth speakers, etc.

The company points out the importance of good battery cells, which also is the most expensive part of a so-called “Powerbank” (battery station).

“All models from Danish Chill Innovation a/s is created with a view to the long-lasting durability and to actually be able to deliver the specified capacity charging after charging. They are equipped with the selected A-grade Li-ion/Li-Polymer cells from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic, TPC, BAK and are all equipped with Advanced Micro Chips for maximum utilization and security “writes company and continues” It means at the same time that the Chill’s Power Bank has the best performance vs. size/weight ratio, simply because it uses the latest and greatest cell technologies and micro-chips in the market “.

The new “Chill Power Bank” come in various designs and capabilities. In addition, in both black and white and comes with USB cable and interchangeable adapters for the most widely used devices.

Chill PB-2900-2,900 mAh Li-Polymer for A-Grade 229 kronor

Chill PB-4800-4,800 mAh A-Grade Li-ion for 399 kronor

Chill PB-8000-8,000 mAh Li-Polymer A-Grade (2 outputs) to 599 crowns

Chill PB-12000-12,000 mAh Li-Polymer A-Grade (2 outputs) to 749 dollars

Do you want to read more about Chill Innovation portable USB batteries, so you will find Committee on their website here.