Clutch:Inspire Yourself with Several Beautiful Tips and Models

Whether for an elegant party or for day-to-day wear, clutches are a good choice for a small purse to make up the look

The word clutch comes from English and means to take or hold firmly and it is possible that the party bags have earned that name precisely because they are handbags that need to be insured all the time.But this is just a hypothesis.Another denomination for the clutch bags is evening bag, that is, bag for the “night”, which in Portuguese we call a party bag.

The fact is that today the clutches are necessary articles in the wardrobe of any woman who attends parties and nocturnal events.And you can even find versions of the clutches to use for looks for the day, which has made this piece even more popular and useful.

When talking about a party bag, it is thought of small models, which are the great majority, however, maxi clutches are also already part of the collections of women’s accessories.In addition to appearing in different sizes, the models can be more structured, in acrylic, for example, or less structured (“mills”), in fabric, like the silk and fabrics embroidered with sequins.

And how to get right in choosing your clutch?It is simple, if you wear a printed look, embroidered or with many colors and details, ideally choose a clutch more neutral, smooth and in a color that matches the look.Already in the case of wearing a more discreet look, with smooth pieces, the ideal is to perfect with a clutch with stones and embroidery to highlight the look.

Besides this tip, it is up to you to choose according to your taste and with the occasion.Make sure the clutch is large enough to carry your belongings and if it is comfortable to hold, you may need to keep it in your hand for a long time.It is worth remembering that many clutches have delicate loops that can be great allies when you get tired of holding the bag.

Looks with clutch: how to create and combine

So that you can be inspired, check out the following three looks with which you can use a clutch or maxi clutch and use the ideas to compose your own versions.

Party look with long dress

With long party dresses, bet on the most exquisite clutches, made with satin finish, embroidery or even with pearls.It is worth betting on sophisticated models, with sparkles and stones, especially if the dress is smooth.

Look of party with short dress

With short dresses you can use acrylic clutches, embroidery, structured, more modern and less formal models.If your dress is full of details like the example, opt for a discreet clutch.

Look for day to day

On a day-to-day basis, invest in green / fake leather clutches and wallet-style clutches.The vibrant colors have everything to do with less formal style of casual looks and are a good request.And the envelope clutches can be good options to modernize your look.

Choose Your One: 15 Beautiful Clutches for Various Occasions

When choosing your clutch, consider size, occasion, material and color.So you make sure that you buy the right item to complement your look and be useful to carry your personal belongings.

When in doubt, opt for the basic black or the nude, these are pieces that will always have utility and that combine with everything.Here are the options you can find at Brazilian online stores:

Blogger looks with clutch

For even more inspiring options, see the selection of blogger looks from Brazil and the world using different models of clutches for looks with varied styles:

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below to get more tips. Choose your clutch and good party!