Compete and Win A Forerunner 630-Garmin’s Most Advanced Running Watch!

Recently released the new Forerunner Garmin watch 630, the most advanced running watch from Garmin so far. Now you have the chance to win one!

Forerunner 630 is designed for the runner to be more aware of how your body works during training, be able to avoid injury and improve your performance.

Advanced running Dynamics
Together with HRM-meter clock can measure your Cadence, stride length in real time, ground contact time per leg and vertical swivel movement, IE. how effective your running technique is.

Physiological measurements, using the heart rate monitor
630 appreciate your level of effort based on heart rate and pace. It also measures variations in heart rate frequency to be able to make an assessment of your overall stress level before setting off on a run, and how you are performing relative to your average.

By estimating VO2 max, the watch can predict the race times, as well as advise on recovery time so you know how long you need to rest after an intense workout.

The high resolution touch screen with the new GUI is easy to read with a quick glance, so you can focus on your run. The watch automatically transfers your data to Garmin Connect, and you can easily use the Live Track during your run, as well as share your achievements in social media.

Between running rounds have Forerunner 630 daily activity measurement with the functions, for example, stegräktning, calorie consumption and sleep. Battery life up to 16 hours in GPS mode.

Now you can win your very own copy of the Garmin Forerunner 630
(value 4 299 kroror) by answering our question below.
We want your response last Wednesday 25 november.

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All any tax paid by the winner. By entering the competition you agree to have your name published in Runner’s World, and Garmin’s various media channels.

The winner is chosen, here you can read more about it.