Cuisine and Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas restaurants are a real cross-cultural attraction for tourists. Here you can try dishes of any cuisine of the world, and chefs come here not only from different US states, but also from other countries.

To feel like royalty, you need to go to gourmet restaurants. They are expensive, tasty, pompous and sometimes there is a dress code. A more democratic option is cafes and eateries. There are buffets where you pay for admission, and food is collected on plates in unlimited quantities. It is even more profitable to buy a day pass, which allows you to return to the buffet throughout the day.

To get acquainted with the local cuisine, you should go to American establishments, for example, steakhouses. Juicy steaks are a kind of visiting card of the city; they are served not as an ordinary lunch, but as real haute cuisine dishes. Dinner in a restaurant with moderate alcohol costs 40-50 USD per person. Inexpensive snack – hamburgers and bagels with filling. Inside they put not only cutlets or fish familiar to us, but also very original fillers, for example, scrambled eggs, avocados with capers and even fruits. In some establishments, you can create your own dish from the proposed ingredients. Such a lunch will cost 10-12 USD.

Since Las Vegas is relatively close to Mexico, its cuisine has been strongly influenced by Mexican cooking.

Entertainment and attractions

According to toppharmacyschools, the main attractions of Las Vegas are casinos, hotels and all that atmosphere that makes up the soul of the city and forms its reputation. Of course, when you come here, you can’t miss the Strip. The name translates as “strip” and it is, indeed, a 7-kilometer strip of casinos, restaurants and entertainment centers. It is interesting that this street is located not in the city center, but in fact in the suburbs, but it was she who became the face of Las Vegas. The second famous street – Fremont Street – is characterized by freer morals and is an almost non-stop show that is not limited to clubs and casinos.

The dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio attract thousands of tourists every day. Jets of water soar up to 73 m into the air. To truly enjoy the spectacle, it is better to come in the evening, when the lights are turned on. Another popular attraction is High Roller, a 168 m high ferris wheel from which the whole city is visible!

For those who prefer a cultural getaway, the city is home to several vintage car museums, the Nuclear Testing Museum, the large and fascinating Nevada State Museum of History (309 S Valley View Blvd), the original Organized Crime and Law Enforcement Museum, which introduces the criminal history of Vegas ( off site in English) and various galleries. Younger guests will be interested in the Discovery Children’s Museum, where the laws of nature and scientific facts are explained in a playful way, and the Shark Reef Oceanarium, in which about 2,000 underwater inhabitants live, and various shows are held for guests.

Very often, Las Vegas becomes the starting point for exploring the natural attractions of Nevada. The landscapes here are really amazing: literally a couple of hours away are the Grand Canyon, it is considered one of the deepest on the planet, the largest national park in the United States, Death Valley, and several smaller parks.

Las Vegas Events

Something bright and unusual happens every day in Las Vegas, but there are events that stand out in particular. For example, the winter Las Vegas Market, which takes place at the end of January. Everything is sold at this market: from designer clothes to rare interior items, in addition, exhibitions and fashion shows open at this time.

In autumn, you can visit the Great American Food Festival in the city, where, in addition to a variety of street food trucks, guests will also find an entertainment program. World stars perform in numerous concert halls, and exhibition centers bring expositions of the largest artists, both classical and interactive.


Nevada’s subtropical desert climate, with very long, hot summers and short, warm winters, makes Las Vegas an arid city. From June to August, the heat can be unbearable, so it is best to come here in autumn or spring, when the air is warm, but not suffocating. Precipitation is rare and only in winter, although there is almost never snow. In rare cases, from December to February, there are negative temperatures, but in general, even in the winter months, it is warm and dry outside.


Sin City is so seductive when it comes to extravagance and spending… Once in Las Vegas even for an hour, the actual value of the money will seem very hazy to a city-dazzled brain that has been mesmerized by neon lights and dancers from go-go bars. It is very easy to be deceived and spend more (much more!) than you could imagine. Considering that in Las Vegas you can buy a juicy steak for 7-8 USD, throw a coin into the machine and win about 100 USD, and not find a hotel room for less than 200 USD for the weekend, it is difficult to judge in advance how many American “greens” the trip will cost.

The average Las Vegas visitor spends about $250 a day, but there are plenty of ways to save money. First, immediately allocate money to the casino and not spend a single cent more. For example, 20 USD per day for video poker or 100 USD for a poker tournament. Book a hotel a month or earlier by looking for special offers. In addition, you should not book a car in Las Vegas. The combination of buses, monorail and taxis will cost much less, not to mention the fact that it is safer (since it is almost impossible to resist and not drink alcohol here).

It is better to make purchases in pharmacies and supermarkets than in shops open at hotels. If you are hungry, you should not call the room service and order food in your room, it is better to go down to the 24-hour bar. In addition, it will not be difficult to find all kinds of coupons for discounts in hotels, restaurants and even shows and concerts. Finally, if you have the last few bucks left in your pocket, do not despair: there are also free entertainment on the Strip and downtown.

Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada