Curacao – Holiday Island for Sun Worshipers and Divers

Curacao beach vacationer

Curacao is an autonomous region in the Caribbean Sea belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Until 2010, the island belonged to the Netherlands Antilles, after which it officially became its own country. However, despite the changed name, the term Netherlands Antilles is still considered to be used.

Curacao, located above Venezuela, is the largest of the Dutch Caribbean islands. Curacao is home to about 150,000 people, many of them in the island’s capital, Willemstad. Curacao also belongs to the ABC Islands, which is used collectively as Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Curacao is a Dutch holiday island in the Caribbean.

City life in Willemstad

Discovered by Spanish explorers in 1499, Curacao still has all the ingredients of a beach paradise to this day: the island has stunning beaches, good food and plenty of leisure opportunities.

The cheerful atmosphere of Curacao has its roots in the island’s rich history: Curacao seems to have chosen the best pieces of African, European and West Indian way of life.

Great setting for divers

Short for ABC by abbreviationfinder, Curacao is especially known for its magnificent coral reefs, which make the island a popular diving destination. For divers, the waters around Curacao are like a huge aquarium filled with exotic fish.

There are many interesting dive sites near Curacao, which are also popular with professional divers. One of the most popular destinations is the submerged treasure ship S / S Oranje Nassau. About a mile from the ship surrounded by corals, there is also another wreck, the Saba.

City life in Willemstad

Curacao also has city life. The pastel-colored capital of Willemstad exudes a colonial atmosphere, accompanied by a laid-back Caribbean way of life. The city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also has a lively port.


Queen Emma’s pontoon bridge divides the city into two parts, Punda and Otrobanda. The Scharloo and Pietermaai areas, on the other hand, have beautifully restored mansions. The most photographed building in Willemstad, Bolo di Bruit, is known as the “wedding cake house”.

Culture can be found, for example, in the island’s numerous interesting museums, which shed light on the area’s history and provide an overview of local contemporary art. The evening can be continued until the morning in nightclubs or music-filled bars.

Good to know about Curacao

Curacao is a safe travel destination, where of course you should exercise normal caution. The island is best suited for beach holidaymakers who also want to enjoy activities from diving to hiking.

The ABC Islands are traditionally popular with wedding couples, but in addition to romantic getaways, Curacao is also perfect for families with children. In addition to beach games, there are also fun things to do at the Sea Aquarium or the dolphin swimming academy.

Curacao is warm all year round – the average temperature swings at 27 degrees. The island is not located in a hurricane zone, although the effects of storms have sometimes rarely reached as far as Curacao.


Package trip or independent trip

There are no direct flights from Finland to Curacao, but a few tour operators offer package tours to the island. Self-employed travelers can search for flights via the Netherlands or the United States. Hato Airport is about 15 km from Willemstad.


You can also travel to Curacao by boat: the ABC Islands are part of the itinerary of many cruise ships.

All inclusive hotels popular

Curacao offers many different levels of accommodation. As the island is popular with wedding couples, there are also really high-quality options in the hotel selection. There are also plenty of family hotels. Like Caribbean resorts, many hotels are all-inclusive resorts.

Travelers looking for more affordable accommodation can try the inns. Unlike many other Caribbean resorts, Curacao also has more modest options.

Getting around the island

Curacao can be reached with your own rental car, local buses or bicycles. However, it is worth noting that public transport on the island is limited. You can get the most out of the island by renting a car. The price level of taxis is quite high.


City tours in Willemstad

Willemstad is a gem of Curacao that cannot be missed. In addition to admiring the colorful buildings, you should visit at least the Amsterdam Fortress and the floating market. It is easy to get around the city on foot or even hop on a tour carriage.

Curacao Sea Aquarium is ideal for families

If you want to explore the underwater world without diving, head to the Sea Aquarium in Willemstad. The family-friendly property has been in operation since 1984.

Built on the shores of the sea near coral reefs, the specialty is the seawater that is constantly pumped into the pools. Next to the Sea Aquarium you will find a beach with all its facilities.

Christoffel National Park

Curacao’s largest national park, Christoffelpark, is an absolute must-visit for tourists. There are both hiking trails and motorways in the park, along which you can explore the area either independently or in a guided way.

In the park you can spot many rare species of plants and animals, but also learn about the local cultural history at the Savonet plantations.

Curacao liqueur factory

Many tourists are familiar with the deep blue Blue Curacao liqueur found in bar cabinets around the world. In Curacao you can visit the liqueur factory to see a product that has been made since 1896. Did you know that blue drink is by no means the only Curacao liqueur?

Experience these in Curacao


Experience these in Curacao

  • Make the most of the beautiful beaches of Curacao and try scuba diving.
  1. Rent a car and take an island tour.
  2. Admire the colonial atmosphere in the city of Willemstad.
  3. Take a trip to Christoffel National Park.
  4. Explore the underwater world at Sea Aquarium.

Cons of Curacao

  1. There are no direct flights from Finland to Curacao.
  2. The price level is high in some places.