Different Types of Wallpaper–Choose Your Preferred

The wallpaper is widely used in decorating these days, but it is often difficult to choose one, there are many models and prices, but there are also other ways to decorate with “wallpaper” which is lega and much cheaper. You’ve probably seen several products that can replace the wallpaper as the contact paper, wrapping paper and others. Let’s check it out then what are the different types of wallpaper and how best to use.

Different Types of Wallpaper–Choose Your Preferred

Contact Wallpaper

The contact paper is a great wallpaper style, is a lot cheaper and easy to place. On the market it is possible to find several patterns and how the role is already with promotional stickers you will not need to spend any more. Check out here how to apply the paper on the wall.

Magazine Wallpaper

Remember the wallpaper that I made in my old House? I used straws of magazine in wall and was quite different and cool, the interesting thing is the texture. I didn’t spend a lot to make, just took a while, but the result was excellent, check here.

Wrapping Paper On The Wall

The paper is also a possibility to replace the wallpaper and save a lot, it’s not complicated to apply paper and the result is very similar to the wallpaper. The cool thing about this paper is that there are 1001 textures and prints, it isn’t hard to find and the price is very good, a wrapping paper costs on average R $1.80 even if your wall is large the value will not pass of 50 reais.

I found a video showing how to apply the wrapping paper, I intend to do here at home, but it’s going to take a while, so in the meantime check out the step by step of Jessica:

Fabric Wallpaper

The wallpaper of fabric is another possibility that is very nice and gives super right. Of course, depending on the fabric won’t be so cheap, if you’re looking for something cheaper choose wrapping paper or other. But if you’re looking for variety of patterns and textures, easy application and the possibility to change when sick or change (especially if your House is rented) the fabric is a good option.

Our tip in choosing the fabric is give preference to upholstery fabrics, 100% cotton with elastane in composition, your fabric needs to be resistant to light and heat. Very fine fabrics like silk does not resist the Sun and can crumble, and be careful when applying a linen fabric, he let the beautiful surroundings, but cannot stretch too much.

Napkin Wallpaper

Currently it is possible to find many different prints of napkin, mainly in craft stores. The application is very quiet, in the same way that the wrapping paper, you just have to be more careful because the napkin is thinner than the paper. On Instagram Dicadaka has a 15 second video showing how to apply, check out here.

There are many possibilities, some cheaper than others and some more complicated to implement than others, but certainly well cheaper than wallpaper. Now just choose your preferred and apply, your House will win new face and it does not matter whether you are renting then is very quiet. When I lived in Itaúna applied paper and silk was pretty cool, it was very cheap and on time to take didn’t screw me the wall, this can be another replacement of wallpaper. Check out the post I talk like I did here.