Dolce & Gabbana and The Sicilian Estampa, Keys for The Spring-Summer 2013 at Milan Fashion Week

The new collection of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana It was one of the centers of attention in yesterday within the Milan fashion week that has just started and that shows us some of the strokes of the upcoming trends for the spring summer 2013.

A collection that once again can claim to not leave anyone indifferent, plunging fully into the prints and the color with the background of his beloved Sicily, historic cradle of Italian immigrants who lack better luck towards the Americas with their large shirts and high-waisted pants, a scenario recreated in yesterday by 73 Sicilian inhabitants that made the times of models.

Stripes everywhere

Stripes of all styles and shapes have become one of the stars of this collection. Nautical stripes, vertical stripes, thicker or more thin, multicolored… definitely a pattern that returns to the load as it did already for several seasons, although on this occasion no garment is safe.

From t-shirts, large shirts, Polo shirts and shorts of course, that will either remain outside this universe of stripes the Italian couple were surprised that.

Shirts will be printed

More colorful and eye-catching pattern will return to prominence for the second consecutive season. The so beloved/hated printed shirts are presented in thousand and a designs, from the geometric motifs to pictorial inspirations either linen or silk.

That Yes, the Italian couple imposed as a rule mandatory quasi carry them inside pants and tightly belted in the purest Cachuli style.

The Italian dandy

But by colorful and innovation the Italian dandy always comes out in any collection of Dolce & Gabbana self-respecting. Blazers short and cross, as they set the trends, and of course without missing the seductive touch of velvet with the collars of the shirt protruding out of the American.

Made in Dolce & Gabbana accessories

The analysis could not closed it without comment before the accessories and complements, a section that never ceases to Dolce & Gabbana to improvisation and which devotes a vital section within their collections.

From sunglasses to handbags, some of them clear vintage-inspired, incidentally, are some of the strokes in male accessories that we have seen on the day of yesterday, with the permission of the open sandals, another garment that the Italian couple wants to set as basic men’s fashion.