Eroski Mobile Lowers His Voice and Data Rates But Says Goodbye to Rate You

Gold MVNO that updates its rates after the tough competition on prices generated primarily by Pepephone, Simyo, MÁSMOVIL, and Tuenti is now Eroski mobile which announces several reductions in their rates although rate you will no longer be marketed as negative side of the renewal tariff.

Specifically, Eroski keeps your voice call set-up rates, lowers the voice without establishment rates, improves the conditions of the data credits and reduction messages to 8 cents/SMS all the rates. The new conditions they are in the following way:

  • Prepaid without setting lowers the price per minute to 13 cents.
  • Contract without setting lowers the price per minute to 12 cents Although in practice it means a rise in price because so far, it could continue hiring rate Contigo whose price per minute it was 10 cents.
  • New bonus Mini includes 250 MB for 3.99 EUR.
  • Includes bonus Basic 600 MB for 5.99 euros and next to the Contekt rate @ lets talk by 2.5 cents per minute (more establishment)
  • Includes Free bonus 1200 MB for 11.99 euros.

Data rates at any time reduce the browsing speed but they charge the excess to 3 cents/MB as it is the case with the similar rates of competition, where Tuenti still protrudes with an offer that seems of time will be difficult to overcome for the rest of MVNOs.